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Injured workers not the only targets: WorkCover case managers next casualties as insurance company execs turn on their own

If we thought injured workers were the only victims of the WorkCover NSW changes, we would be wrong, it seems. Besides the many phone calls we (IWSN) receive from injured workers worried about their fate, we have started receiving calls from insurance company case managers who seem equally distressed.

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A fear of injury combined with bosses who don’t listen or cannot be trusted is crippling police officers

Sadly this disturbing report will probably be ignored whilst injuries, both physical and psychological, will continue to skyrocket.

 Police don’t trust bosses, feel burnt out, fear injury at work, research shows – Herald Sun

  • Five year university study into nation’s police
  • Up to 40% of officers feel burnt out
  • ‘You  kiss your loved ones goodbye and you may not come home’

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If Barry O’Farrell is going to slash benefits, and do it retrospectively, he should at least have the courage to be honest about it: Shoebridge

Every time (and there have been many times this year) that Barry O’Farrell and Greg Pearce have been asked whether new WorkCover laws were going to be applied retrospectively, they have said NO.  This suggests they are either ignorant of the laws they have passed and how they are being interpreted by everyone except them, or they are well aware of the laws they have passed and hope the outrage will blow over.  The outrage won’t blow over  nor will ignorance be any excuse.

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Financial Abuse In The Workover

Financial Abuse In The Workover,

Like the Emperor’s New Clothes, the truth is there for the unbiased eye to see. It can be found in all those naked acts of aggression perpetrated against vulnerable injured workers by biased and tainted Claims Management Agents. And believe me, there are a kazillion of those! It can be found in the clauses in the Workover legislation that set the benchmarks when it comes to minimising and limiting the rights of injured workers to seek and receive just compensation for their injuries. It can be found in the conflict-of-interest ridden processes of the Workover, and the way in which these conflicts always work against the best interests of the injured worker.

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Exerpts from an injured worker’s diary

I found this exerpt from my diary in 2010. Just thought I would share it in the interests of helping develop an understanding of some of the realities of having a psychiatric injury and trying to negotiate the Workover that is dressed up as Workcover.
The entry was written when I was enduring months of further serious exacerbations of my injuries by the Workover’s failure to retrain me and assist me in returning to work. Since then I have become homeless, and I have re-experienced problems with both gambling addiction and nicotine addiction, both of which had been in abeyance for a number of years.
I’ve publicised it just as I found it, so please excuse the strong language, I did grow up on a farm. Oh, and the sudden stop, ‘cos that’s how it is when I’m “ooorrrfff” as my father says.

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Harsh, unjust or unreasonable and unfair dismissals

When a employer terminates an employee there are strict guidelines that must be adhered. Any old excuse to” get rid ” of an employee is not acceptable by law.
This also includes any employee who has suffered a workplace injury and is now doing modified work. Finding the “new job”, to show the employee “the door”, is not an ideal solution according to Fair Work Australia. Employers have a long term responsibility to the injured worker.

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