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Worker jailed for ‘breathtakingly audacious’ WorkCover Vic fraud

Workcover fraud is frowned on by all. Deepening the stereotype to those who sustain legitimate injury. Time and time again, it is important to remind readers that only 1%  9or less) of injured workers defraud the system. Media sensationalisation has tarred injured workers with an unjust false brush….

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Bringing legal proceedings relating to your workcover injury? Hide under a rock!

I have said it a million times, and I am saying it again – if you are bringing legal proceedings which relate to your workcover injury, please, please be advised to refrain from posting any comments on your social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc.) and on sites such as which relate to yourself.

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Case gives new hope to injured workers: Permanent impairment assessment was questionable: Federal Court

At long last a ruling that challenges the integrity of permanent impairment assessments!  This decision should be a bombshell for the NSW workers comp scheme – given the new laws allow insurance company case managers to make capacity decisions.

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workcover-overhaul plastic-surgeon-reprimanded

Plastic surgeon reprimanded for careless practice under NSW Workers Compensation Scheme

Sadly, we suspect that there are a few doctors who treat patients under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme, less favouably than others outside of the ‘Scheme’.  It is also interesting to note that Dr Mc Carten’s ‘questionable’ billing practices only seemed to have occurred when billing the ‘Scheme’.  And it is injured workers who are accused of ripping off the system?

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Injured worker keeps job in ‘baffling case of discrimination’

A Victorian inured worker was provided with alternative employment due his incapacity to perform his pre-injury duties. His inability to perform pre-injury duties were already determined however his employer attempted to dismiss him based on the results of the Functional Capacity Evaluations.Which should be used as a tool to determine capacity not incapacity….

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Disclosure of employer’s documents in prosecution — challenge

When a case is presented in court it’s assumed that all the relevant evidence is brought forth regardless what that evidence may contain. The employer in this case was so concerned of the full evidence reaching the injured employee, they feared they could be convincingly convicted.

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We could learn a lot from Armstrong about what drives bullying behaviour

On the surface he was charming and an inspiration, however, in reality he was a Jekyll and Hyde character.
The biggest scandal in sports history may reveal more about what actually drives bullying behavior than we realise.   Lance Armstrong is not unlike many politicians and business leaders who end up falling from grace.

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The Uses and Abuses of Conciliation In the Workover

An injured worker, Sheryl (obviously not her real name) wrote to me recently about her experiences of Conciliation in the Workcover system. Sheryl has been “captured” within the Workcover system in Victoria for over 10 years and has experienced Conciliation at many different stages of her claim. She says that Conciliation is sometimes good and useful in progressing an injured worker’s claims, but it is always damaging to the injured worker’s health as well.

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