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Injured workers in NSW can be reinstated within 2 years of termination

Did you know that in NSW an injured worker who has been terminated because of his injury can seek reinstatement when the (injured) worker becomes fit for employment (even with some restrictions) within 2 years of the termination.

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Workcover insurers are master manipulators – stall tactics

Workcover insurers and their case managers can be master manipulators. They often use various delay tactics to wear you down, knowing that you need the money. They will also often delay or discourage or even out-rightly deny medical treatment that is needed.

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Some of the cruel workcover NSW cuts reversed – Media releases

As per yesterday’s article Workcover NSW reforms & cuts being wound back, promising NSW Finance and Services Minister Dominic Perrottet would announce some restorations of benefit cuts to NSW injured workers, here is Perrottet’s media release, as well as well as one from Peter Primrose, NSW Shadow Minister for Finances & Services.

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Alternative jobs for injured workers unrealistic – weekly pay restored

Further to some recent comments about the widespread practice of “dodgy” rehabbers proposing bizarre “suitable/alternative work” to injured workers, courts have found that some (many!) proposed alternative occupations for injured workers are simply unrealistic.

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Workcover NSW reforms & cuts being wound back

Some injured workers will have their medical benefits restored as the NSW state government winds back some cuts to its WorkCover NSW scheme!Injured workers will also continue to be eligible for weekly benefits until a disputed work capacity assessment has been resolved, and thresholds will be decreased from 30% WPI to 21% to be eligible for medical benefits.

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WorkCover NSW bullying inquiry slams WorkCover culture

aworkcovervictimsdiary welcomes the recent findings and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the bullying culture that exists in WorkCover NSW, which seriously damages its credibility. The report confirms what we have known and loathed for many years, that a serious culture of bullying exists in the NSW WorkCover authority.

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Bullied worker in clear distress forced to RTW with bullying managers

An employer (Centrelink) ignored a bullied worker’s “clear signs of distress”, and then had the audacity to tell the psychologically injured worker to return to a role where her managers bullied her. Centrelink was found liable for the worker’s psychological injury.

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