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Centrelink pension denied to injured man who spent all his compo settlement within weeks

The following story highlights that any injured worker who receives monetary compensation (eg. settlement) needs to seek sound financial advice before ‘spending’ their settlement money.

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dangers-of-being-disabled worksafe-VWA

WorkCover Vic (VWA) restores WorkSafe brand

About 6 months ago the former (Liberal) Victorian Government announced that it was discarding the well-known (workcover) WorkSafe Vic brand, changing it to its old original brand – Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA). This change made little intelligible meaning at the time, and many perceived it as a decrease of focus to injury prevention. On 23 January 2015, less than 2 months after the election of a new Labor Government, the  brand has apparently costly and confusingly been restored.

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What are Class Actions really?

We recently received a very insulting message via our tip us off page stating “I think this site is a scandal in itself. If you people were genuine, you’d do everything in your power to help injured workers. I’m still waiting for the class action against workcover nsw. (Seems no one on this site is interested). I think this site is run by workcover….” [extract]. So, let’s address some of these ‘issues’, specifically the issue of class action(s).

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What it means to be awarded $1.3 million compensation for a stress claim

In September 2014, Peter Doulis,  a Victorian teacher driven to the brink by unruly students including one who made a flamethrower in class has been awarded around $1.3 million in compensation by the Supreme Court, by means of suing the state government for damages under the negligence/common law. Many ‘stress’ victims were gobsmacked at the size of the amount in compensation awarded. Let’s have a look at what the $1.3 million compensation awarded really means for Mr Doulis (and anyone else in a similar situation.)

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Workers Compensation Fraud – Get the facts

We continue to find it interesting, and alarming that so many people in the community continue to question the “genuine” status of injured workers. The media obviously has a large role to play by reinforcing the stereotype of injured workers as fraudulent malingerers, even though research has proven over and over again that injured workers (employee) fraud accounts for less than 1% of all workcover fraud.

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stressed-police-hunted-like-crminals-art injured-workers-feel-they-are-in-prison

The role of an injured worker is similar to that of someone in prison

The workcover system is an extremely confining system which consists mainly of repression— defined as the state of [the injured worker] being controlled (by force). Your income, health care, medical treatment and even ‘activities’ are controlled by a governing source (WorkCover and it’s agent). In fact there is virtually no freedom, very little flexibility and lots of surveillance.

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Injured worker threatens harm to workcover barrister and judge

Further to our article titled “IME doctors – is their job dangerous? “, we forgot to mention that not only (notoriously biased) IMEs are being ‘threatened’ by (often rightly) disgruntled and enraged injured workers, but also workcover lawyers, defense lawyers, barristers and even some judges. Some injured workers have also targeted their utter frustration, desperation and rage at their (pre-injury) employers.

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