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Workcover NSW WIRO appoints former lawyer who was sentenced to prison

The Daily Telegraph has uncovered that the appointment of Paul John Gregory, a lawyer who was sentenced to two years imprisonment for tax fraud in 2010, as WIRO’s Implementation Director is part of a string of apparent “jobs for the boys” appointments involving Mr Garling.

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Workplace bullying and its influence on psychological wellbeing and work functioning – survey

Hoda is  currently conducting a research project as part of his/her  fourth year graduate diploma course in Psychology at Cairnmillar Institute, located in Camberwell, Victoria. The research topic is on workplace bullying and its influence on employees’ psychological wellbeing and work functioning. S/he has asked us to post his/her survey/questionnaire (approved by Cairnmillar’s ethics committee) on our site, which we’re doing.

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Workcover-up needs a public groundswell ASAP

You may recall David K’s story, who suffered a back injury from hard shearing work, only to have his workcover claim rejected on the ill-founded basis that he simply suffers from a pre-existing condition.He further adds that we must change the system for both sides (employer and employee) and in a mighty hurry, there are innocent people not only suffering but I imagine dying out there as a result of these people in the current workcover system of authority…

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How not to annoy your personal injury lawyer

Most injured workers don’t (try to) annoy their lawyers. However there are always a few injured sods who will intentionally or non-intentionally do things that make their lawyer roll their eyes by, for example, calling or emailing their lawyer way too often, bringing legal and/or medical research and by using their lawyer as a kind of therapist. So if your lawyer is avoiding your phone calls or emails and appears uncaring towards you, it could be because you are doing one or more of the following annoying things.

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How are the workcover NSW changes impacting injured workers – survey

For three years, workers and their unions have placed pressure on the NSW Liberal Government to reverse the cruel cuts they made to the workcover NSW legislation in 2012. Now, more than ever, we need to know how the workers compensation changes are impacting on the lives of injured workers. If you have ever received workers compensation please complete this Unions NSW survey!

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The myth about workcover settlement

By sharing his/her story, the following seriously injured worker highlights again the common“myths” about those ignorant people who think that because you have been seriously injured at work (and are entitled to a common law damages claim) you “will be set up for life” or “it will be like winning the lottery”. Wrong!

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