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Welcome to our injured underground network

The name of the game is COVER-UP.
Lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny…stall, stall, stall… starve, starve, starve
Workcover ? Work-over more like it!

Lied to and stood over by workcover and their insurance agents bureaucrats? Bounced around the workcover system? Exhausted trying to get answers?  Lumbered with a false entry (entries) in your medical records or reports?  Ripped off with dud medical reports from so-called “experts” (IMEs)? Contacted your Member of Parliament who acted like a postman and just passed your letter along to someone else when it all got too tricky?  

It’s the 3-D experience! DISHONESTY↔DECEIT↔DUDDED.


Tip us off.Tell us a scandal.It is anonymous and can’t be traced.


Fill in the boxes below and anonymously inform us of unscrupulous practice, (quasi) criminal behaviour, medical record tampering, cover-ups, fabricated reports, false information, etc involving:

  • Workcover Authorities
  • Workcover insurances
  • Independent Medcial Examiners (IMEs)
  • Doctors, incl. Spin doctors and cover-up pedlars
  • Case Managers
  • Rehabbers etc
  • Bad bosses
  • Bullies
  • Health complaints commissions | medical boards | AHPRA
  • Politicians… ones who piggy-back on your own or your family tragedy for their own self-aggrandizement


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