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Work Cover-An Insurance Company’s Dream

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This is for all people who have, or have had, a Workers Compensation Claim, in Western Australia, whose employer is insured & whose Insurer supposedly “disputes” liability, yet has NOT issued a statutory regulations form 3B-Insurers Notice That Liability Is Disputed (pursuant to s57A (3)(B) of the WCIMA, W.A.).

The first thing you should know is this…

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Help! Employer intentionally delaying backpayments

The following was uploaded anonymously via our Guest Post section.

Does anyone know more info that could assist me with the below?

My Worker’s Compensation Claim for Stress leave due to bullying and harressment i was foprced to endure has been accepted s of the 14th of July for weekly payments and reimbursements.

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I was a teacher and was injured at work when I tripped on a student.  I left work as my back was always crook and had a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I did not want to work with children being in pain and without any patience left.

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Dear Injured Workers – Know your Legal Rights.

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Dear Injured Workers,

I am writing today in the hope that I can help assist and protect many of you from the unethical and at times illegal behaviour of many workcover insurers. I myself was a victim of this disgusting and corrupt system from 2010-2014. That is maybe a story for another day.

Today I wish to inform injured workers of a very disturbing incident that happened to my injured wife. This occurred due to the appalling behaviour of a so-called Mobile Return to Work Specialist with a workcover insurer.

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case-managers-are-not-your-friend life-hard-workcover former-allianz-employee-spills-beans

Allianz TMF spill the beans part 3

Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest posts Allianz whistle blower spills the beans and Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 here comes the much anticipated Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 3, giving the injured worker more of an understanding into what it’s like working for Allianz from a senior case managers perspective and shedding light onto there dodgy practices for all to see.

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Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2

Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest post Allianz whistle blower spills the beans“, here comes Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 – Arts and crafts, clueless senior management , nazi style legacy & cult like end of month meetings…served with alcohol and caviar!

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