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Badly treated injured worker commits suicide

A key element in suicidal behaviour or idealisation is the feeling of helplessness, which arises from prolonged periods of [extreme] stress or emotional upset. For many [seriously] or ill  injured workers this may include constant abuse from the employer or the workcover insurer [case manager], constant denials for even the most basic of medical and like care/services; …

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Police suicide and workers compensation – remembering Ashley Bryant

The following article and story were submitted by an ex-police officer who attempted suicide, in the context of the recently aired documentary “Police officer’s suicide call ‘I’ll be gone before they arrive” by Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

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Woolies & its defense lawyers tried to deny workcover claim to suicidal injured worker

On our “Meet the system” page, we compiled the list of the “major” role players in the workcover system, and ranked each group by its level of indifference to the welfare and the plight of the injured worker. Workcover insurance companies and their evil defense lawyers are listed as number one enemies, followed by (most) IMEs. If you read the following disturbing legal case, you will have proof of this utter indifference and lack of humanity.

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What is or is not reasonable performance management is not clearly defined

Unfortunately workplace bullying remains a reality in Australia. It is a widespread and complex issue that can have a profound and devastating effect on a worker’s health as well as on their life. Tragically, in a number of cases, workplace bullying has pushed victims to take their own life.

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Workcover and liability for an injured worker who commits suicide

The pressure many injured workers experience as a result of being on compensation creates such a grinding sense of despair and hopelessness that they start thinking about suicide as a solution to their problems. Most don’t follow through, but a few tragically do. What’s perhaps most disturbing is that employers (aka inhumane workcover insurers) will attempt to deny liability on the basis an injured worker’s tragic death by suicide is not causally related to his or her employment, even though the injured worker became hopelessly depressed as a consequence of their workplace injury and… dealing with the inhumane workcover system. The ultimate insult to the deceased injured worker and their family!

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