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What’s wrong with workcover – Money, Power & Politics

Ever thought about what is wrong with our workcover schemes? It basically comes down to three words: Money, Power & Politics. Why do they even call it work-cover or workers COMPENSATION? It’s definitely not about injured or ill workers, it’s about work-over insurance companies and their financial bottom lines, and the last thing it does is adequately COMPENSATE injured workers for their work injuries/illnesses which in many cases are due to the negligent actions and behavior of their employers.

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Season for change in Victoria workcover system

Good morning all!

Here at Diary of a Workcover Victim we are constantly looking for opportunities to bring change about to a broken workers compensation system.  Unfortunately this is made difficult by the fact that each State and Territory administers their own laws relating to Workcover.  We therefore have to take opportunities as they come up on a State by State basis and hope we can slowly change the National conversation.

In Victoria at the moment we are preparing for a Royal Commission into Mental Health and we are viewing this as a golden opportunity to get Workcover into the conversation.  The Commissioners have been asked to review the Mental Health system and offer recommendations on how it can be improved/fixed.

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Screenshot_2019-05-19 Soula's Chronic Pelvic Pain Story

ABC investigative journalist needs to hear from injured workers

Soula’s Chronic Pelvic Pain Story just shared that an ABC investigative journalist, Pat McGrath is looking into the experiences of people who have been through the workers’ compensation system – and those who are still going through it.

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AU Bureau of Statistics-only 27% of injured workers on workcover

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a report on work injuries from July 2017 to June 2018 whic h shows that th number of of injured workers receiving financial assistance and workers compensation has  dramatically decreased.

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Should injured workers take more control?

The workcover system is, in my seriously injured opinion, designed to do one thing and that is to remove all “responsibility” from the injured worker, and alas, remove all control from the injured worker, which –all too often– leads to desperation, frustration and a myriad of secondary psychological injuries.The following somewhat controversial article aims to make injured workers think hard and show a potential way to stay in control of their claim.

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doctor-patient relationship core problem of the workcover system

Quite often the lack of a bonding and lasting doctor-patient or doctor-injured worker relationship is a central part…and —often— a central problem…of the workcover system. Quite often the injured worker did not choose to see their doctor or specialist, and the reverse is also true, quite often the doctor did not choose nor want to see this injured worker…

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Workcover does not work and does not compensate

Workers’ compensation (aka workcover) was created for two primary purposes—to provide at least partial compensation for lost income and to pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation services for workers injured or made ill on the job. This approach seems to offer a good deal—if it only worked.

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workcover is so stressful it is linked to poorer health

As we recently discussed in our article “Injured workers who have drawn out workcover cases recover more slowly“, a new study suggests that the stress from being on workcover, including engaging a personal injury lawyer, could be linked to a poorer recovery.

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Workers COMPENSATION and nothing else

Our evil system is called workers’ COMPENSATION. It is NOT called workers’ Return to Work nor No-medical-bills-for-amputees or anything else for that matter.

Here’s the dirty bottom line – All the current discussions about Return to Work – especially forcing RTW- have no place in workers’ compensation. In other words RTW (Return to Work) is bullsh*t.  And all ridiculously insulting cessation or capping of payments for medical and like services for permanently INJURED WORKERS is also bovine excrement.

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