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  1. Not work cover related, but I have recently come across one of the females mentioned in these comments and have been ripped off due to my kind heartedness. Every excuse and avoidance not to pay me back. Pulled the whole “poor me” card, and I fell for it. Lesson learned. I hope it all works out for you with your health and work cover.

  2. hmmm seems I learnt how to freak out an IME. Went to see one today whom I’ve read negative things about in terms of cutting people off and not letting them finish. So I sat down and pulled out my phone and he stammered “um that’s not on is it?”. I had intended to tape the assessment but didn’t. I said “oh no of course not”. He looked at me and it was clear he did not believe me and was very pleasant throughout the assessment and even asked me to continue. I’m not saying it will make him write an unbiased report, but seemed to make him at least act human and treat me with a bit of respect. Although he did ask why i’m not better given that i’ve been off work 18 months – clearly starting to look at how that it was not a work aggravator.

    • @Porsche47 — great tip! Nothing but a little of implied intimidation (and showing you KNOW your rights and how the ‘system’ works) will go a long way. X fingers the report will be fair.

    • who do we ask for our case notes and files can we ask??

      • @Suzanne, generally speaking you can obtain an entire copy of your file from your workcover insurer, however some strict(er) regulations may apply such as for example in NSW.
        In Vic, you can use the following 2 sample letters (under our ‘workcover letters‘ page)

        Request copies of workcover documents under Freedom of Information (or Accident Compensation Act)

        Example letter 1 to request copies of workcover documents:

        To Whom It May Concern (Insurer/ Claims Manager /etc)

        Under the Freedom Of Information, Section 107 of the Accident Compensation Act (VIC). I hereby request my file unabridged and complete. I request all notes on computer file, notebook or note pad. I request all photography and surveillance notes – still video –all audio recordings, connected to my file, not just audio file of myself, but all audio file where my claim is the main topic of discussion. Please send this as soon as possible to (yourself, or Legal Firms name and address, or G.P. name and address )
        Claim name and number.

        Example letter 2

        To Whom It May Concern (Insurer/ Claims Manager /etc)

        Under the Freedom Of Information, Section 107 of the Accident Compensation Act (VIC), I hereby request that you please send the (or a copy of the) report by (Dr …………..) which I attended for a review on the ( date).
        Please send this assessment as soon as possible to myself (or my treating doctor (Dr …………). or legal firms name and address.
        Claim name and number.

        Note in some cases (often) the insurer will NOT release any psych reports, but you can request they sent a copy to your GP, or Psychologist or Psychiatrist and get a copy from them.

    • lol Well done i really did record mine ,Thing hear is that its braking the law if you don’t ask ,i simply forgot ,he said to me why do i have 2 phones on the table i recorded it from where his reception lady said she had every think ,she did not wont to copy letters i only got on my way to see the IMA ,he said he didn’t care what i had he quote’ I DONT CEAR WHAT YOU HAVE ILL WRIGHT THE REPORT THE WAY I WONT TO WRIGHT THE REPORT . i rang the increase compony and told them this i also said i have it all on tape ,This system is full of holes ,i strongly urge you to record every thing for your own records but do ask ,some judges may let it be played in court I’ve said i was sick of all the she said he said b/s . and i have what really was said .also tell every one you don’t wont to speak on the phone only emails this way its there black and white .

      • @Choco, good on you!
        By the way, here is a sample letter that many of us have used (a little modified) to request NO direct communication / phone calls etc from the workcover insurer:

        Sample letter request no direct communication

        Dear Madam:

        I write to you in relation to your recent conversation with my wife over the last couple of days but most particularly today’s date at approximately 2.10pm.

        You may or may not be aware of my wife’s medical condition and prior direction to the former Insurers [GIO]. Therefore, I will stipulate and remind you of those at this time yet again. My wife suffers from a serious psychological injury; your continual communications with her only aggravate the situation.

        GIO was and now we remind and direct GALLAGHER BASSETT that ALL communications are to go through my wife’s Legal Representatives.

        (Legal Reps details)

        From this date forth, my wife directs Gallagher Bassett not to communicate with her directly in any way shape or form, no telephone calls, no letters, no emails, not even messenger pigeons NONE WHATSOEVER.

        You have been put on notice and failing which my wife will have no other alternative but to apply for an Intervention Order against any personnel from Gallagher Bassett that tries to contact her. She is NOT WELL.


  3. Dear Kevin, Good luck! Batting for you buddy. Stand your ground. Good you did your research, these so-called ‘IME’ doctors are notorious,they have been doing this for years, and that is how they make their money. Write to me if you can regarding the outcome. Dijana

    Dijana. Milovanovic December 4, 2014 at 7:11 pm
    • Thanks Dijana , i am just about to head off to Vcat now , i think it will be a long day !!! we should all swamp ACA FACE BOOK like Deluded say’s i will keep yu informed about today !!!

      • Good luck Kevin! Give them one for you and one for the rest of us victims . Praying for you.Keep us posted. If the outcome is not fair contest it. Dijana

        Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 7:32 am
      • Dear Kevin, hoping you get this before VCAT regarding ‘their’ dirty tactics at VCAT, see my previous posts. Find your room number and time and if a ‘person’-survellience tells you not to enter the room at the designated time, enter the room and ask politely if you are in the right place and who you are. Nearly, lost our case because of these under-handed tactics. The VCAT lady said she was about to dismiss the case(obviously in favour of the defendents-guilty party. Discredit the IME doctor. If the meeting with the ‘doctor’ was shorter than 45 minutes, the report is admissable.See work-safe policy. If the doctor was dr shopped,bring in your supportive evidence,if anything contravenes the privacy and confidentiality act/health records act (2001) blatantly(like Victoria McLeod (from Herbert Thompson Geer Lawyers)(defendants lawyers-hey, why cant you defend properly?.NO CASE, I hear you say. IBAC thought it inappropriae too. Can’t wait for the repercussions finally. Last, but no least,all go the ACA site to inanndate them with the truth. I actually have rang them about six months ago and talked to a producer who was more than eager to do a story on corruption and conspiracy on Work-safe. His exact words were “Just do it”.Even he was perplexed on the matter. We need to inform everyone.
        Lets’ shame the cortupt. Maybe, they might change the system. Also, rang the radio stations (am) and Neil Mitchels,’ producer wanted to do a story. Let’ all support each other and shame and publicise the dual/triple role( is this not illegal) and their under-handed tactics from Allianz(your agentt), to ACCS to Work-safe(what-ever) to the defendants solicitors. Seems to be the onus in court is in the prosecution cohurt, not the defendants. Magistrates Court if Victourt read my reports and read the other sides 2 dr shopped reports. Hows that the drs the defendents are using are on the wosrt IMElist. Thanks for this site . Vindicates our stance the whole time.

        Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 8:50 am
        • Hello, thanks for all the positive vibes , but it was a dud day at vcat , i was there for 4 hrs it was a conference so i was unable to produce any evidence and i was also unable to ask jones ( ime ) any questions , as his mouth piece ( lawyer ) did all the talking ( shit ) so have to go back on the 23 Feb 2015 , for the actual hearing , can produce all the evidence and questions then , i just did not get any good vibes there today !!! so i think i will go and get some lawyer advice to see how strong my case is , because if i lose the hearing
          i can have costs awarded against me , so the fight goes on !! i am also going to take a look at ACA and see if they are interested in this story , i tryed to ask jones some very important questions , but kept geting shot down by vcat umpire , ya gotta ask ya self no talk ( jones ) ya have something to hide , when i mentioned this vcat member just shrugged , and looked stupid ,
          i did ask were there any restrictions on talking to the media , i was told no restrictions , and i did mention ACA , give them something to think about !!!

          • Dear Kevin,Keep up the good fight!Self-represented people do not get the same respect as a lawyer in VCAT or the Magistrates Court. Sad but true. Write to IBAC , it is their responsibility to help you if you think you have been penalised. Ask through Freedom of Information for the transcript and/or recording of the meeting. ACA is the way to go. I already approached them six months ago and the producer said to me “Just do it”. Also rang Neil Mitchel same deal as ACA. It is truly shocking and sick we have to fight for our case with their cortupt IME’s, tactics, sabortage etc.Is not the onus on the defendents to defend. Obviously, not in the WS system. Keep us posted. Dijana

            Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 10:38 pm
  4. WOW about time ACA did a story on workers Comp and the problems injured workers face…..Funny how exposing CGU forced them to allow the surgery for that persons carpel tunnel syndrome….Good on you mate well done….Maybe we should all swamp ACA with our stories of our treatment from corrupt insurance Co’s…shame on you CGU!

    • Hi Everyone if you havent been onA Current Affairs facebook page to read or comment on workplace accidents then here is a copy of ACA’s request….we should swamp them to do a story on corrupt IME’s and case managers etc!

      Have you got a work place accident you’d like us to know? Send us an email:

      • i have my hole interview with my IMA on tape i also have my rehab case manager on tape many times over with her consent as well , I have the IMA Doctor saying he didn’t care what i had in way of reports scans ,and letters from every one .he said i don’t care what you have ill wright the report the way i wont to wright the report ,clear as day ,we must stand together to expose whats really going on I’m at a loss on how MRI s and scans specialist reports hold no weight ,it dose at the end of the day in the work cover commission ,but we need action taken now not then

    • I really think when the programme on the police officers went to air it has started a ball rolling.Its about time ACA did something on how we are treated but more needs to be put out there.Its seems to be the only way we are taken notice of, I could do a interview with tracey grimshaw as could we all.

      • Dear Tony, please if you could read my other comments instead
        of boring you . We need to go public, maybe a group action or a class action Or a ROYAL COMMISSION into WS practices/illegal tactics that victimise the innocent, weak ,broken and vulnerable.Is not the worth of a society judged on the way we treat our disabled and eldery(annonomous). The police officer you speak of was asking if his last phone-call will be taped for final verification. It makes me cry.He is a real MARTYR. R.I.P. forever. To the family , I nearly lost my husband due to an incorrect ACCS decision, thanks Jan King, which Allianz and WS saw fit to agree with instead of exercising any duty of care. I emphasize with the Policemans’ family and friends beyond belief. AT LEAST THEY WILL MET IN HEAVEN Unlike the cohorts in the corruption/conspiracy web. Mark my words WS you will pay interest on top of the borgy, pittence you call compensation. Please write back if you need assistance or support. We need us like minded people to join forces/alliances(ironically-it’s a play on Allianz/Alliass as another supporter thought more appropriate-their our agent-sorry I digress as Harry Rort (Great guy-genuine Angel) motto is UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. NEVER, LET’S STICK TOGETHER. WE ARE A STRONGER VOICE IF WE UNIFY AS ONE.Keep up the good fight, if not for yourself, at times,then for the other victims fallen or not or just hanging in there. Dijana. Milovanovic

        Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 5:12 pm
      • send in an email Tony we can all come on tv with you

  5. @Dijana…settle down
    the only person that is being feral is you.
    Posting comments calling people sluts, dogs etc is offensive and unnecessary.

    If you can’t post in a civil fashion….piss off and go somewhere else!

    • Real mature.Hippocrit.

      Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 8:31 pm
    • @Dijana, whilst I/we FULLY UNDERSTAND your frustration and rage re the way you are and have been treated by your workcover insurer and their various allies such as case managers, PIs and IMEs etc, I must warn you that you could be prosecuted for defamation by naming and shaming certain people. You may want to read some legal advice that was given to us re defamation. aworkcovervictimsdiary has been served twice with defamation law suits for allowing certain case managers to be named and for badmouthing an IME (whose name was not even written in full). It is not funny for us, the site’s administrators, to receive such -REAL- legal threats, and having to seek counter legal advice + deal with the matter whilst being severely injured and stressed ourselves.
      Try not to stoop to those people lowest level(s).
      Our comment policy clearly states that you (any person who makes a comment on our site) must hold aworkcovervictimsdiary harmless. That is: All comments within Diary of a Workcover Victim are the responsibility of the commenter, not the editorial staff of Diary of a Workcover Victim. By submitting a comment on our blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and you agree to hold Diary of a Workcover Victim and all representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.

      Be VERY careful – the workcover system is extremely adversarial (as you know) but also very deep-pocketed $$$

      • @WCV – I totally agree! Some people don’t realise what happens behind the scenes. It’s good you have this comment policy so that anyone who makes a potential defamatory comment is solely responsible for their own comment (and can be sued themselves). You don’t need the stress of being sued for someone else’s defamatory comment in your life.

        • To Injured, Don’t ever be scared if your speaking the truth. If not, I insist you don’t rort the system and stop fucking it for the real victims.
          People need to start naming names and identifying themselves. If I cant get Alliass (Bianca Cartwright for defammation and slander for now she’ll keep-every dog has it day-its called Karma and yes it is 3 to 10 fold, and yes it can affect generations )why would another party/system(all corrupt/conspiracy prosecute you for the truth. Hey, I suggest you write to every organisation such as IBAC etc and get legal counsel on these matters. My family have nothing to lose, Work-cover/system etc have lost us everything. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Lets start a movement ,print, radio, internet , etc people need to know and be informed it is not a fair system . The tactics these Pigs/Devils use are illegal,immoral,and beyond sick. Hey,next time you get followed get pictures and get a log book. Thanks for your supportive advise on this site, and YES ,it pisses the cockroaches off.Even the cops are sick of it. Then prosecute cops, instead of watching a person get stalked and harrassed. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Please write to me if you want to publicise this campaign . No more silent screams.Dijana-too controversial or real, you be the fair judge unlike oue system/s. Hav a niced day. Try too peoples.We have gone tghrough enough filth and crap.

          Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 2:45 pm
      • Thank-you for your warning, I have read the disclaimer. I’ve been in the ‘system’ too long. I stand by every word. Everything is documented/photographed/witnessed by third parties. BRING IT ON, CANT WAIT! NO OTHERS ORGANISATIONS HAVE HELPED. They off-load or lie.If I educate just one naive person, I have achieved my objective. If I help one person from depression, anxiety, suicide I have achieved my objective.The seriousness of our harrassment,stalking,sabortage is criminal and tortorous.Guatamo Bay looks like a picnic-I do not say this lightly. ONLY THING I FEAR IS GOD.

        Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 6:15 pm
  6. Furthermore, consider changing your name to bully. You and your difficult kind will never censorship me.Go Edward Snowden, go Wiki-leaks. Expose, the corruption,one day you might be you in my position. Til you walk a mile in my $2 thongs because thats all we can afford, thanks Allianz/ACCS, and Work-safe(should go back to trading as work-cover, cover their own ass-holes. Don’t judge me.

    Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 7:02 pm
    • @Dijana
      You go Girl that is what the site is about as well to have Vent and let out your frustration i notice the dope smoking hippies at adim have not stepped in lol.
      It must be the bloody machine again as JR would Say.

      Most of on here are stuck is shit of a system through No fault of our own and by god if you lose your sense of humor we would all be Fucked even more than we are now and no thank god my Insurer is not AliArse.
      Take care all and keep Smiling at least we are upright and Breathing.

  7. Wow I have been getting screwed by Allianz but not this bad yet though I’ve bent over and prepared some lubricants just incase I need it after conciliation! Give them hell!!! Keep us updated

    • You are funny, need people with a sense of humor. Wait til you see the movie I’m thinking of calling it Enemy/enema of the State 2. Good luck, keep us posted.

      Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 7:07 pm
  8. Don’t take offence,I am identifying the cow as much as possible. She was a feral pig or bovine sabortaging my case.Did you read the comment properly, or are you just using Allianz tactics of narrow sightedness.Not going to work.She is not a woman, a woman would never do that to a sick, permanently disabled person through no fault of their own but the systems. By the way it is not a gender issue I will insult a man who sabortages me with similar insults. Did you not take offence to all the comments by other people that are true and derogatory. So the word prick and dog don’t seem to offend you. Interesting,one must pose the question why do you identify with devils? An apple is an apple, is it not.Don’t waste my time or others, get a life. I thought this site was for support,obviously if your for real, name yourself or are you survelliance.STOP monitoring and corrupting the site. POWER to the people for once.Don’t bother writing back I’m not wasting my time or energy on uneducated trouble-makers.Maybe change your name to bully. You and your difficult kind will never censorship me.Go Edward Snowden, go Wiki-leaks. Expose, the corruption,one day you might be you in my position. Til you walk a mile in my $2 thongs because thats all we can afford, thanks Allianz/ACCS, and Work-safe(should go back to trading as work-cover, cover their own ass-holes. Don’t judge me.

    Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 6:39 pm
  9. Hey Hello, just want to drop you a line to let you know i am at VCAT , this Friday ( compulsory conference ) to bring clive jones (ime ) to heel ( i hope so ) if i am successful i will then go after rosemary dean case manager from allianz who harassed , concealed evidence ( incident reports ) lack of duty of care and anything else that i can prove against this rat !!! i will keep you informed about Vcat with jones !!!

    • Kevin, thank-you for having the guts to name names.We too are dealing with the corrupt Allianz, everything you have experienced we have experienced too nfortunately(anyone else sick of their ads-too much money and not enough ethics, morals, decency or brains). Allianz think they are a law unto themselves. Well, they are not! Heed my warning they will find this out in the long-run. The law should be changed that these ‘case-managers’ and I use that word loosely should be prosecuted criminally and jailed.Then, maybe the next case-manager might actually do their job, instead of sabortaging peoples’ cases with illegal tactics .I too am trying to get former case-managers Rebecca Penny, Bianca Cartwright and currently Kenneth Batrouney who won’t respond to me after numerous attempts by email and Express post with signature required stil to no avail. Hey, Kenny please respond if you and your survelliance(harrassment, bullying, and stalking) peoples are on-line monitoring me as usual Please respond to me, answer my questions, and pay the travel mileage. We have no money being on disability as it is.Bianca Cartwright thinks contravening the Health Records Act and numerous other privacy and confidentiality legislations is acceptable-the norm. Please write back if you have had any grievances with the aforementioned morons. Does any-one else feel like putting in a class action against Allianz Workers Compensation.Watch yourself at VCAT, they are a weighted system too. I felt hijacked at our VCAT meeting from not having my name on the list at reception, to the fat, ugly, blonde slut(you know who you are and I presume their is CCTV in the building so I can formerly identify you and your breed) who instructed me and my husband not to enter the VCAT meeting room, even though no-one had asked us to enter and the case was already 20 minutes behind schedule. Real professional., This sabortage technique was employed obviously across numerous parties to take away what little rights or dignity we have left and to fuck me. Did I mention we are finally in court-do you think this was a factor.It’s not like The Melbourne Magistrates Court of Victoria representatives were helping to get the meeting under-way. When I finally had the courage and strength to open the huge, expensive glass door to our surprise the old grandma working for VCAT stated she was about to dismiss the case due to non-attendance, fortunately one of the Magistrates Court people verified that the fat slut did sternly tell us not to enter the room til called. Would have gone to the CCTV footage anyway, would like to identify who that pig was(Allianz, Work-safe,or Herbert Thompson Geer Lawyers). Good luck and stand your ground because no-one else will. Hope you fuck the case-manager at Allianz. I just noticed the Rate an IME(doctors you cannot trust) section. Have you checked out the IME doctor you are contesting.Chances are its not the first time he has been unethical.NO MERCY, no-one took mercy on you and your innocent.Good luck and hopefully one for the victims on Friday. Keep in touch, would love to know the out-come

      Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 4:55 pm
      • Language please!

        referring to women as ‘blonde sl#t’ and ‘fat sl#t’ is uncalled for.

        • @Dijana, I agree with Bullied – and please refrain of insulting “Bullied” (or any other injured worker) who is a longstanding contributor of this blog. Show at least some respect towards fellow injured people as per the site’s comment policy.
          Also if I were you I would hold my tongue. You could easily be sued for defamation!

      • Hello Dijana, i can relate to everything you have said here, the system is really stacked against injured workers from slimy case managers to out of date , out of touch ime’s right from the get go we are presumed to be frauds the good thing is xrays don’t lie !!! ( only case managers and ime’s lie ) yes i have done some home work on jones ( ime ) he is renowned for false misleading and defamatory reports , and it will be my job at Vcat to prove this !!!
        all the best

  10. @Meg, at the very least try to get a referral to a pain clinic. If there is nothing more that can be done they can help sort out pain management…

    • @Meg I’m pretty much in the same boat. I struggle day to day with activities and that was only after 3 years of still working before work dumped me prior to an operation. I still struggle and have been given inappropriate work options, surgeon can no longer do anything more and still in pain. I’m going to be starting a pain clinic soon though.

  11. In Jan , my arm was caught in a machine at a factory I was working. I was taken to hospital and told I had sprained my wrist, elbow and shoulder. I was told by work cover to go back to work. After a few weeks of excruciating pain and begging to work cover, (they kept saying, there was nothing wrong) I was sent for further tests which revealed, I had major damage to my shoulder, elbow and wrist and needed surgery. I had an operation on my elbow. Pysio on my shoulder and cortisone in my, wrist. Its been 6 months now. My wrist is ok, the pain is back in my elbow and my shoulder is no better. My surgeon says there is nothing else he can do but to just live with the pain. He also wants me to stop taking the only medication that works. He said I should no longer be in pain. My work cover manager agrees and also told my GP that the pain was all in my head. Believe me i was fit and strong and feel pain everyday.After work cover received a letter from my solicitor. They have now approved for me to get a second opinion. The comunication between, medical professionals and work cover has been below standard and I have had to fight to get anyone to listen (even from the begining when they didnt believe i was seriosly injured). Work cover have been good an also bad. So now after 9 months I start again. With a second opinion. Work cover choose their own surgeons, my opionion is to get your own tests in the beginning. I wish I had although it would have been expensive. If you injure yourself at work, you are stuck with work cover and whoever they choose to treat you. Get your self a good solicitor and chose a good gp who will support you an help you with treatment. Read your wc rights . Meg

  12. Hi everyone, just a heads up that our beloved leader Workcovervictim is out of action for a while due to a severe infection & is in the hospital maybe for some time yet. Some patience would be greatly appreciated as replies to emails & blog updates will delayed. Sending her our warmest wishes & support to heal & feel better really soon.

    • Hi guys, just to let you know that I am feeling a little better after having suffered a very serious infection (incl sepsis / aka blood poisoning) related to my work injury (implant). I am not out of the woods yet, however now that access to our site is somewhat restored, I hope we can start updating our blog articles etc. shortly.
      Thank you to StayStrong for having updated our readers about my predicament and thank you to all of you who have sent me well-wishes,… and thank you all for your understanding, support and patience -much appreciated.

      WorkcoverVictim | Grand Poo | Founder of aworkcovervictimsdiary

      Workcovervictim July 30, 2014 at 3:49 pm
      • That’s bloody terrible; this is one of the reasons I refuse surgery as most I’ve seen have not gone well or later have problems like yourself.
        Anyhow hope you’re on the road to recovery and don’t suffer to much 🙂

        • yes agree with you Jo, about surgery, i worked in a hospital for nine years , i would see people walk in for surgery, 2 weeks later i would wheel chair them out minus one leg ( golden staph , it is rife in all hospitals )

  13. So 10 months ago I go hit by a car on my way to work. I have lost about 40 percent movement in my none dominant arm and am in constant pain. I work as a construction surveyor and had been told by my employer that unless I get full motion back there is no work for me, I had a physical abilities assessment and that said nothing but light duties. I have just had an IMA assessment and that has said my shoulder is stationary and stable. So WorkCover are sending me for a total body impairment assessment but have told me they have closed the case and I can return to my pre accident duties. The GP who I see has placed dozens of restrictions on my return to work which limit me to an office job. My employer has no real work for me but can not make me redundant, what should I do? I do not want to return to a job that has no future and causes massive resentment between me and my employer yet I appear to have no other option because the work cover have ignored all other medical advice and just taken information from 1 inderpendant medical review and ignored everything else. The job I do requires use of both arms and a driving licence with the state I am in at present I can not get either back and the treatment that would get it back for me is totally out of my financial capabilities (WorkCover said they under no circumstances will pay for it). I have a civil case going on but that is progressing incredibly slowly with the other party not even accepting liability yet.
    On top of all this I moved to QLD just for my job and this last 10 months have been so horrible that I have no real desire in my heart to live here anymore but with out a good break from my company I have very little chance of moving away and getting a new job.

    befuddeled in cairns February 19, 2014 at 9:17 am
read-before-u-commentThis is a statement pointing you to our seriously injured but esteemed and honourable Social Networking Sites Warning and our comment policy. A must read in the context of a very adversarial workcover system! Remember to mention in which state you reside if you seek advice.

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