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Here is what people like you have said:







Interestingly, the above comment was made in relation to this post:, where not “just punctuation and generic letters are attacked” but some rather bizarre examples of real workcover letters are published. Put yourself in the “average injured worker’s shoes” and see whether YOU can make sense of those letters, eh.

Someone provide an interesting tip


This above “tip” was provided following a workcover tip posted in relation to Xrays and Scans. The tips talks about “The wide spread practice in Australia and New Zealand of inaccurate reporting and processing of radiology films when it involves current and future compensation claims especially in regards to accident and WorkCover. Medical assessments and reports are incomplete and inaccurate.

Whilst we do believe it is plausible that someone may slip through an ID check at an “MRI/CT/Xray” in suburbia, frankly, should someone suffer such a “massive injury”, surely – with the way the workcover system is set up – it would be impossible to commit such a fraud, given that workcover requests IME report after IME, not to mention GP, surgeon, Hospital, Phsyio, Physio, Psych etc treaters’ reports and examinations. Also, from our own experiences with THE system, we are all found “guilty until proven innocent”. That is, the insurance agent will investigate (read scrutinise) our claims to an unbelievable length and debt in the hope to find “that something” to be able to deny the genuinely injured worker’s claim (i.e. base it on “degenerative disease”, an “incident 30 years ago”, perhaps a “divorce” for someone who claims a psychological injury following relentless bullying at work, etc. etc).

However we do appreciate the tip and the warning that someone may be able to use our seriously injured IDs to fraudulently attempt to make our serious injuries their own. (Note that injured worker/employee fraud accounts only for 1 to max. 2% of ALL workcover fraud – which includes workcover insurance fraud and employer fraud!).


Workcover insults – and like minded people insults

Readers Beware – Personal Opinion Peice Piece

 As written by Workcover victims Victoria on 3 April 2012 and published on their blog under the title [popup url=’ ‘ ]”Readers Beware – Personal Opinion Peice“[/popup]


Well well, well, let us put the FACTS straight here.

When we first started aworkcovervictimdsiary, we contacted workcover victims Victoria and actively sought engagement. We also kindly asked to exchange links. In fact workcovervictimdiary displayed prominently (blogroll and in contacts & links) the website URL of workcover victims Victoria, up to a week ago. Workcover victims victoria however NEVER EVER put our link up in exchange of the favour, shall we say.

We have been in regular contact via Twitter ever since our launch in August 2011, albeit only via Twitter as we did not have workcover victims email address not any other contact details.

On 21 March 2012 we received an email from Joanne from Workcover Victims Victoria


We were quite shocked to say the least, given that: (a) the so called “guide” is publicly published on scribd (no copyrights) and b) that we had published it under our “resource page – guides and forms” as an iframe with a LINK to that frame. This means, folks, that we did not “steal” the “document” just showed it to our readers (injured workers) with the correct link to workcover victims victoria.

We of course removed the iframe immediately and apologised PROF– USELY. Here is our response dated 22 March 2012



We must admit that we were quite shocked to learn that workcover victims diary was SELLING a “guide” containing freely available information (much better covered on other websites too by the way) to injured workers and that she was actively seeking a publisher.

And…WE, the authors, administrator and bloggers of are all severely injured workers, and our bulk readers, fans and followers are also Australian injured workers, so why do we (injured workers) need to PAY?




Nice way of “applying for that grant”, eh? 🙂



Instead of working in collaboration with us to help victims of workplace injury they have decided to profit.  Instead of helping us and forging together to create a stronger force to be reckoned with, they have instead tried to personally profit on “helping injured workers” and we were pretty disgusted by it.

When you fight these causes from a place of truth, justice, and a sense of what is right – you have integrity and you succeed no matter what the outcome. When you try to profit at the expense of others, you are as bad as the people you fight against and you will never succeed. Perhaps this is why workcover victims victoria only achieved around 110.000 page views in over 13 years, whereas aworkcovervictimsdiary achived more than that in 7 months (in fact, if you look at our stats below right, you’ll see that we achieved 60,000 pageviews (reads) in less than 2 and half months (Jan 2011)! Same goes for Twitter followers (330 versus 900+).

What’s more this lovely lady is now also actively advertising for people, organisation and companies to advertise on her blog for a fee. We also believe that this is not a good idea, because many of these potential “services” may be very misleading. For example a poor performing (bad reputation) law firm may wish to advertise for MONEY, and innocent injured workers my “trust” the site and run to that lawyer.

However, be what it be, who are we to judge, indeed.

We can assure you that we have NEVER EVER commented on your blog, with the exception of 1 personal comment made yesterday (2 April).

We can also assure you that we have never ever posted a ‘forwarded” or other article or link from workcover victims victoria; just check out their site and see for yourself!

Turns out our lovely blogger had not only posted our popular article’s heading

Allianz NSW workcover case managers threaten aworkcovervictimsdiary with a lawsuit!

But, folks, she had, without permission, displayed in a frame the entire lawyers letter for all to see, WITHOUT providing a LINK to the article, let alone its source! So, what this means is basically that the lawyers letter was published as a stand alone, MISLEADING her readers to believe that aworkcovervictimsdiary is/was being sued. Obviously when you take that lawyer’s letter OUT OF CONTEXT it does not look to appetizing, indeed and could cause potential harm to our site and credibility.

As for the defense, first of all their is NO case, secondly she may have forgotten to mention that aworkcovervictimsdiary is offered FREE legal representation and that lawyers have come forward and told us (see comments) that it would be their honour to defend us in this most scandalous intimidation exercise, for we did NOT defame anybody.

So, the only comment (1) I (workcover victim) posted was last night (2 April) and I asked/demanded she remove immediately the lawyers letter. I explained that she did not seek permission and that she did not even link the letter to it’s origin. I also reminded her of the email she sent us a week or so earlier (see above).

Interestingly workcover victims victoria did not publish our comment (nor the ones she refers to, which we assure you we did NOT post – please publish the comments and show us the IP addresses as evidence!).

Given the nature of the offense (in our eyes), I also told her that it is my wish to no longer interact (twitter) with her. As harsh as this may sound to some of you, I believe that posting a lawyers letter like this, out of context, is nothing but scandalous, considering that we are injured worker’s advocates and that we are exposing the real workcover here. It is nothing but DEFAMATION what she is doing.

Following my one (and only comment), our lovely blogger tweeted the following around:




Wow, but just WOW.

I did reply with an unflattering tweet or two, however I had the decency to delete those tweets about 5 minutes later, as I do not wish to go that low, ever.

So, perhaps it would be nice of workcover victims victoria to actually state the facts rather than INSULT

We are not sure what has caused the breakdown in our “professional” relationship and it really saddens us to see that people seem to prefer to go their own way rather than join forces, for the SAME CA– USE.

We also noticed that it seems not uncommon for workcover victims vitoria to attack new websites – look at this:



See [popup url=’′ ]their original post>>[/popup]

Ouch… 😉

If workcover victim were to publicly apologise, she is more than welcome to team up and we would love nothing more than to join forces and voices.

For your information, my friend, there are quite a few people (injured workers) who have not been happy with you. We have recieved numerous emails to the effect. Here is a sample:



Please use the comment section to reply, comment and suggest ideas on how to tackle this, shall we say, delicate situation. Thanks!

Pathetic case manager infiltrates our forum


An utterly pathetic case manager going by the name of “rainbow”infiltrated our forum and posted the above topic.

Must be a very sad Case Manager indeed, given that she feels the urge and need to infiltrate, under deliberate disguise, a forum designed for injured workers and their supporters. What’s more when she registered with the forum, she was asked to abide by the [popup url=’ ‘] forum rules [/popup], which include that we do NOT welcome any workcover employees. Now if this CM is unable to abide by a simple forum rule, we wonder how she is able to abide and comply with the legislation and the Act, eh.

The snooper nicknamed “Rainbows” = Case manager Allianz

Used email:Email:

IP address =

An injured workers’ hater on twitter?


View [popup url=’!/PackoCook/status/190727468632645632 ‘ ]original tweet on twitter[/popup]

WorkCover Victims Victoria Blog



Awe, ouch – this tweet was sent on 12 April 2012 and appears to be directed at us, eh.

We would like to highlight major differences here:

our blog’s url= – note DIARY

Their blogs url = – HUGE difference, eh?

Our twitter account is @WCVictimsdiary – again DIARY

Their twitter account is @WorkCoverVictim – mmmh what is there copied, please?

IDEAS: what f*cking ideas – just compare the two sites and tell us what there is to bloody compare – there is NO comparison, there are NO shared IDEAS here, my friend.

They have been around since 2008, so they say… with comparatively very little traffic and followers indeed. We have been around for 7 months, but we are accused of stealing their “traffic”? What traffic?

If we had “copy-catted” your “name and site” we, too, would have failed miserably 😉

A case manager threatens [an injured worker?]

We are extremely concerned about this public and extremely intimidating threatening behaviour of this known NSW Allianz Case Manager om Twitter. It appears she not only breached privacy laws by publishing this person’s address, but also implies an extreme threat of violence or worse…?



Of note is that this person deleted her Twitter account very quickly after she noticed what blunder she committed… Unfortunately, injured workers are on high alert and made paranoid by the system and were very quick making a screenshot of this very intimidating Tweet!




54 Responses to “Please insult us here”

  1. Really no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of then its up
    to other viewers that they will assist, so here it takes place.

    • Mmmhh, can’t help myself but re-post this disturbing comment, made by a “D” on the great blog/site of Tasmania P Sharman ‘insult and injury’.
      I made a comment with re to our Victorian Medical Panels, stating that whilst they are generally speaking fair and consistent, there appears to be an increase in unfavourable decisions made by the Panel, and I raise the question whether they are overworked/under-resourced or if they too are becoming biased and prejudiced. I also referred to a recent legal case whereby a prominent Victorian Supreme Court judge who gave a scorching judgment related to a medical panel process, stating that an injured workers’ compensation dispute could have been easily resolved if the medical panel examination of the injured worker had been tape recorded.
      Anyway you can read my (and others) comments on the site:

      The comment I recieved was quite troubling indeed:

      “…i was talking about that crazy website workcovervictim, they are critical of the entire world, nothing they say is balanced or positive, ever. Nothing and no one is spared from their negativity, everyone and everything is plotting against them, bullying them and persecuting them, no one is spared… agents, workcover, lawyers, the government, insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, corporations, the media, rupert murdoch and News ltd, liberal party, courts, private investigators, their own doctors, their own lawyers, employers, coworkers. no on that website will ever be happy with anything, i think they critise anything that works or is fair cause they then cant play the victim. As my lawyer said not to look at that workcovervictim website as they only spread negativity and misinformation that causes unnecessary angst & distress amongst injured workers….” plus his opinion on the medical panels. (which you can read on the site).

      Now now… all this is obviously new to me/us! And I/we wonder if there are any other such bizarre rumours circulating?

      You can read my reply on the site…

      Workcovervictim August 19, 2014 at 7:22 pm
  2. WoW i think i will be boycotting workcover victims victoria website
    i am disgusted that anyone would try to profit of injured workers, I mean
    besides the lawyers and ime,s that is,lol.

    i have tried to get to the members forum, but it wont let me log in
    it says i dont have permissions to login
    how do i get permission ?
    comments welcome if you can help

  3. Check out all WorkSafe Vic has to tweet about – fully SICK:


  4. On more that 6t occasions, I have requested that my story on Sexual Harassment, Bullying in the workplace should he edited, as it is incorrect. To date, I have had no response, COULD SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE

    • Dear Carma, we have only just received your email with the edited version of your story which we will publish asap. I we pointed out to you in previous comment reply, our website has been under a severe DoS attack from workcover and we were off line for DAYS, meaning that we were also unable to receive emails through our server. Please read article about DoS attack here. It has been an extremely stressful time for us to repair the website and move it to a private server. We only got back up properly yesterday.
      Thank you for your understanding and patience. Your story should be edited by tomorrow morning at the latest.

  5. just to let you know that our FORUM is not working properly since the DoS attack and transfer to private server. We are trying to fix this… but I have a feeling that we may have to remove it (and possibly reinstall)… ;(
    I am so very angry with the perpetratrors of our DoS attack

  6. Some “entity” has been flagging our Facebook articles and comments as SPAM and we are currently unable to post comments or reply to personal messaged via Facebook! We do wonder who would do such a thing…hey?!

    If we do not answer your messages on Facebook within 24 hours, please contact us via our email or contact form instead.

  7. If any truth published here hurts her, she is not living right.

    She’d only be ridiculed by dumping her garbage on this website. Has she clarified what stopped her from going to court? She is free to go and embarrassed before returning back home. I think she needs a psychiatrist more than a solicitor.

    • She did dump defamatory message on our site 10 months ago and is probably feeling the heat now… thanks for threatening us with “legal action” for publishing her own garbage! A psychologist, ha! One would think that she ought to perhaps offer to help us, injured workcover victims – she could’ve volunteered to take all the calls, answer all the emails we receive from crying,bullied, ripped off, beaten and impoverished injured workers every day… instead of making sick demands for having “published” her own bloody comment! Go see a shrink woman and be glad that WCV did not name and shame you (we know who you are and have your IP address to prove that YOU posted your own comment, duh!).

      workcovervictim3 July 20, 2012 at 6:24 pm
  8. We received a very rude email from a psychologist (!) accusing us of posting of “an unauthorised post.” under a [name]. No link to the alleged post/article was given. We could not find any article under said [name] and 2-3 days later we received a threatening email stating that ”
    “there has been no response,Please remove it immediately from your site to avoid legal action.”

    I personally responded to the aggrieved psychologist:
    ” Thank you for your emails.
    First of all it would really help if you could kindly point out the alleged post you claim posted without your permission, for we do not recall having posted any article under a name [X]”. As a matter of fact we also have a personal pro bono lawyer looking after our site for all matters relating to potential copyright and/or defamation.
    We have numerous authors under aworkcovervictimsdiary,com who all contribute to a large volume of daily articles, comments, review, research and posts.
    So, in the event that your “article” was inadvertently posted without a reference to yourself or without asking permission (which we believe no possible), please be kind enough to point out the article/post/commentary so that we can identify it amongst the now over 1000 articles alone published.
    There is certainly no reason for you to be as rude to state that you will “take legal action”, if you are not even able to identify the alleged article/post.
    Please kindly add a link to the “post” we allegedly published unauthorised and we will be more than happy to remove it immediately. ”

    Next I receive a even ruder email and the shock of the month! This psychologist actually had posted a comment a few months ago herself on our site! She referred as such to a comment SHE HERSELF has posted under an article and accused us of “posting it without permission” and threatens us with legal action for doing so!? WTF! Now I was really really thunderstruck to say the least.
    In addition to that this psychologist had the guts to state:
    There would be no need for demands if your site would
    1. Respond to email requests
    2. Provide a contact telephone number
    3. Provide a contact name and email
    4. Provide a link for return emails


    Again, for those ignorant people amongst you, when YOU post/write a comment on a website, a blog or a public forum, YOU are responsible for what YOU write. You write that comment on a PUBLIC domain, that is you are writing on the INTERNET and YOUR OWN comment becomes publicly visible to the whole world.

    Anything YOU write is public – that is, we do not publish it for you, YOU publish it by writing it yourself.

    Wow, what a “psychologist” – hope you never ever cross her path. What a cheek! She can be grateful a) that we kindly removed her own written comment and b) that we refrain from naming and shaming her!

  9. Came across this sh*t – NOT funny at all 🙁

    workcovervictim June 29, 2012 at 7:56 pm
  10. Someone needs an urgent reality check! WTF!!!



    • It is despicable that this Matthew Cardwell would hope that a door would fall on him.

      Wha on earth was he thinking when he tweeted that? For goodness sake.

      • And it’s people like that who are responsible for the spread of MYTHS – no wonder injured people are treated like criminals and considered all fraudsters – this guy ought to be punished just for tweeting this (in my opinion)

  11. Thanks injured 🙂

    here is a link I came across

  12. Is there more public info on this reptile available?

  13. Here’s the snooper’s picture- the case manager (Allianz) who infiltrated the injured worker’s blog under the disguise of “rainbows” – WTF.

  14. It seems we are – AGAIN- wrongly being accused of owning or having something to do with this alleged “fake account”. Perhaps see for yourself what this person has been tweeting about us- pretty sick. So, now we are being called “immature fuckheads”. Thank you, mate. We can assure you that we have NOTHING to do whatsoever with this Twitter account, fake or legit.

    It is NOT the first time that a person of the same name has WRONGFULLY accused this site of “defamation”…

    We don’t know this lady from a bar of soap, except that she is a CM and has attacked our site and threatened us with “a defamation lawsuit ” when we clearly have nothing to do with this “person”. We are based in Victoria.


    workcovervictim3 April 28, 2012 at 11:54 am
    • It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the ladies is in fact behind the account — attention-seeking as one of them was on her Facebook account.

      What sane person, if they genuinely felt they were being defamed, would draw attention to the said defaming on her Facebook profile — a web site where all of the said person’s family and friends are directly linked.

  15. WTF?

    For those who need a refresher about who this lady is, see article

read-before-u-commentThis is a statement pointing you to our seriously injured but esteemed and honourable Social Networking Sites Warning and our comment policy. A must read in the context of a very adversarial workcover system! Remember to mention in which state you reside if you seek advice.

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