Injured worker facing financial ruin courtesy of Allianz and proposed Farrell butchery

We received an agonizing email from an injured worker who has been battling the workcover system for over eight years now, and who is constantly being sent from one IME to another by Allianz under the false pretext to “diagnose” his injury correctly (after 8 years, WTF!), who has to fight for every legit payment, who has been unable to find a job, and who is now facing financial ruin with the proposed O’Farrell butchery. Like so many injured workers, he has nowhere to go!

Injured worker facing financial ruin courtesy of Allianz and proposed Farrell butchery

This email to let you know that I am now facing financial ruin as a result of the previous workcover scheme and also the proposed changes being made today by Barry O Farrell.
I have no money to meet my commitments as well as purchase medication needed.
I am also disappointed that the media both print and radio have failed to pursue him over something that all workers should be entitled to -your rights to be protected if you are injured in the workplace .
After 8 years I am still no closer ( yes I do have an AMS but it isn’t until [month]) and by then I don’t where I will living or how I will be living.
The attitude shown by my previous insurer(GIO) was terrible but the lack of compassion and caring from Allianz is nothing short of disgusting.
Not only are they late in paying my benefits they keep sending me from doctor to doctor and then justify it as getting the correct diagnosis. This is simply not true- it is all about trying to get the claim denied. Surely after 8 years the time has come for them to do the decent thing but I am forgetting that they are more concerned with profits for their shareholders.
With the introduction of he new laws in NSW I really have nowhere to go -I cannot find employment despite applying for over 300 jobs since Feb this year.
Keep up the fight and stay strong.

The combination of dealing with workcover insurers such as Allianz, Xchanging, CGU (definitely the three worst ones, as clearly evidenced by our  interaction with injured workers) together with the proposed workers compensation cuts in NSW are, in our injured opinion, DEADLY.

Many NSW injured workers will be pushed over their physical, material and emotional limits, with deadly consequences.

Perhaps we should all take this opportunity to find life-saving resources and information which could help injured workers in NSW in similar situations.

Information about crisis accommodation and other types of sheltered and funded or partly funded accommodation, counselling services, community help and resources, anything and everything you can think of would be most welcome.