Injured worker story shows that the workcover system is bureaucracy at its worst

Injured Worker “Kris” shares his/her story and clearly shows that the workcover “paperwork”  has not only caused life-threatening complications but also extended his/her recovery time by months, and has made things much much worse . As Kris writes: ” the “system” itself that is bureaucracy at its worst, has wasted a lot of my time and money”

Injured worker story shows that the workcover system is bureaucracy at its worst

My situation is frustrating from all angles, I was neglected over a span of time by my employer, basically they sat on my workcover forms, apparently “lost” them, so I had to resubmit those forms again.

The delay from injury to surgery date was over 6 weeks, and my surgeon was writing letters to my employer/workcover to treat my injury as a matter of urgency as I disparately needed surgery, but they put me on the back burner ( This delay caused life threatening complications (DVT & PEs) to a surgery that should have been an overnight stay in hospital, 6 weeks later I get out, and have been back in for surgeries and been put on different pain meds and anti coagulants, constant physio/hydro/myo/gym programs etc etc for nearly a year now.

I feel as though if I didn’t have to deal with running around chasing papers between my treating staff, GP and my employer, I would be in a much better position to recover quicker.

Half of this recovery is mental, my knee will get back to normal soon, but under the “system”I’ve had to battle to prove that I still need help and I’m not at 100%.

I can guarantee that doing this extra paperwork (which is nearly a full time job in itself) has extend my recovery time by months, and consent interruptions by having pointless meetings, phone calls, letters, emails etc just make things worse and make me take focus off my health and recovery.

It does suck that there are people out there that abuse workcover, and that ruins it for a lot of other people, I’ve no doubt been put in that (scammer) bracket myself because of the amount of time this has taken, I’ve had workcover ‘spies’ follow me to physio and wait outside my apartment.

Definitely have questioned myself if I still actually need it… then I try and walk properly and realise the workcover pressure is being put on.

Even though it’s not my claim managers fault, it’s the “system” itself that is bureaucracy at its worst, it has wasted a lot of my time and money.

Surely there could be a better approach to help decent people out that have had such as bad run by having the injury in the first place.


And here is proof yet again that one of the key reasons many workers end up being on workers compensation so long is because of front-end issues