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  1. This is a link to a petition to parliament to investigate the wrongful handling of claims & the detriment it does to injured workers.
    I’m signing it & I suggest everyone here does too. The more signatures the
    More they’ll be inclined to do something.

    Below is some of the petition….
    Petition Request
    We therefore ask the House to investigate the practices of the system’s stakeholders for the purpose of consolidating Workers Compensation under Federal Law and preventing the Employers, Medical Examiners, Lawyers and Insurers from exploiting Injured Workers, destroying their lives and their families. Ensuring that those responsible for the care and support of Injured Workers are no longer able to manipulate the system and offload their financial responsibilities onto the Federal Government’s Welfare and Health systems and to prevent the managers of the system claiming the level of false claims is far higher than reality in order to justify their brutal treatment of workers in their time of greatest need.

  2. Thanks for all the work you do bringing this to the surface.

    Has anyone else complained to AHPRA about the rude behaviour and insulting report from an IME to be then told there’s nothing wrong and that it’s appropriate?!!

    • @Sarah, oh yes, we certainly have done that before to no avail. Hell we can’t even get a proper answer if IMEs need to be registered in Australia with AHPRA to undertake medico legal assessments. Injured workers have shared with us before that their IME was not registered as a doctor in Australia! So our question remains who regulates these doctors (apart from the workcover authority). We do know that if you complain about an IME to for example Worksafe VIC, you DO NOT have to see that IME again. If there are multiple complaints the IME gets no longer used ( however we are unsure how many complaints are needed – nothing is transparent as you well know).

      • Thanks for your reply. I cannot understand how a report with blatant insults could be seen as appropriate. Goodness, there needs to be way more transparency on these so-called independent MEs. I saw WorkSafe Vic had a contact for complaints about IMEs. Interestingly this IME wasn’t registered. I’m in Tasmania where there’s nothing; I rang up WorkSafe Tas and they were confused as to why I would complain about an IME?!

      • I’m trying to find out more about how your claim works if you’ve been put on stress leave after a physical injury, dealing with a terrible boss who has even rubbed the insurance company up the wrong way. I’ve now found myself in a very depressed state and placed on antidepressants whilst trying to recover from an initial injury and surgery.

        • @Shane, sorry to hear this. Just know it’s very common and many of us have been ill-treated in one way or another and developed what is called “secondary psychological/psychiatric conditions” such as depression and anxiety. The most important thing for you is to try and return to work, meaning try to cooperate with whatever your boss demands. If your case ends up in court/arbitration etc a Judge will look very favorable upon you for TRYING hard to return to work, when fit to do so. By law you have a duty to mitigate your own losses, which means you must try hard to return to work and try hard to get better. The fact that you have been put on stress leave should NOT affect your claim, if anything, ensure that your doctor clearly writes on your certificate of capacity that you suffer from “stress” (best would be a diagnosable condition such as depression) in addition to your “physical injury/ies”. That way there is a record and later on you can add the psych conditions as additional injuries caused / related by your work place accident. Those additional psych injuries become compensable, in the sense that workcover will have to pay for psych treatment where necessary. Note that when you will have your permanent impairment assessment once your injury stable, all impairments from injuries arising from the same incident will be included in one assessment. However, a psychiatric or psychological impairment that arises as a secondary consequence of a physical injury must be ignored in calculating the degree of impairment. So this means that secondary depression etc won’t rate.
          All in all, I don’t think the stress leave will affect your claim in any way, but my concern would be that your employer may be looking at a reason to sack you. For the time being, please focus on your mental (and physical) health, ensure you seek counseling from a clinical psychologist (which WorkCover has to pay for, as long as your doctor clearly states it is related to your work injury). You may also be sent to an IME psychiatrist. Hope this helps a little. Stay strong, you are NOT alone, most of us have gone through hell and back during our workcover claims.

  3. any one dealt with Ryan Carlisle Thomas layers?

    • @Nev – Yes. Run! I personally had a bad experience with them. They told me I had no chance at negligence and no serious injury and that I should accept around k12 and run. Turned out when I switched to Zaparas Lawyers I won my case ended up with 43% total permanent impairment and employer negligence and a common law damages claim. In my opinion they are in for a quick buck and are also union affiliated. I have heard similar stories… So I would avoid them.

  4. @ LUCY – to Lucy who contacted us via the contact form and asked a return call – we called but you did not seem to remember anything about your reach out. If you would like some help please contact us in writing using the contact form and provide a brief background. Ta.

  5. First off thankyou for your site and efforts it’s appreciated more than you know!

    I am one of the people who got screwed by Return to Work South Australia. I am one of the group who were injured before 2015 when the new legislation came in . This group of people were the guinea pigs for the new legislation and being in this group we have no option for common law even though my employer has over 20 workcover claims which is proof of poor work practices but our government mandate is to cut premiums for employers and made it easy for the employer to get out of any support to a injured worker!
    I had a serious injury at work 9 bulged discs and have had cleaning and gardening support up until the new legislation cut off date and then BANG everything cut off even though 3 months earlier i had a catastrophic neck collapse and was rushed in for urgent surgery and had 3 discs removed with further surgeries needed but if i wanted future medical support i had to apply by October 2016? What? i was not informed of this and i don’t have a crystal ball how was i meant to know my neck would collapse ? I have been on high dose of Opioids for 8 years and suffer the side effects from them which is a horrible way to live WARNING opioids are bad long term try find a better alternative!! I have tried local government for help and the only thing I got back from them was a copy of Return to Works position with no contact to me or any investigation of my side! Shame on you Rob Lucas you spoilt out of touch brat!
    I am at a loss now i don’t see any help coming my way I’ve now spent all my super money from my Total and Permanent disability insurance and will soon be destitute and homeless but does our government or Return to Work care not at all! There will be suicides from this group i am in all because the government no longer cares about citizens of Australia!
    Is there anybody in South Australia in the pre 2015 seriously injured group that wants to join together and fight these corrupt politicians?
    We need help anyone with constructive advice please contact me

  6. I have been scheduled to see Dr Graham Vickery . I understand he has a history of finding for the insurer . Does anyone have any official evidence of this ?

  7. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with IME Ronald Haig??
    Felt he was very uninterested in my responses to his questions

  8. I need a second opinion ime as the 130 week ime is completely different to previous ime reports. Can someone recommend psychiatrist?

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