My Workcover nightmare – Story


Although the following workcover story was submitted anonymously as a “Guest Post“, we have tagged it under “Your Stories” as it involves a desperate injured worker sharing his/her– all too common– workcover nightmare and who is seeking help.

My Workcover nightmare – Injured worker’s story

 By an anonymous injured worker “HAD ENOUGH”| Submitted on 28 Oct 2014

I have been on this hell of a ride called workcover for over a year now and just wanted to vent about a certain insurer and the way they operate.

I have a back injury caused at work (employer negligence). Even though I have “IME” reports by 5 separate examiners (which the insurer sent me to) stating in the reports that— yes— my injury is in fact genuine, they sent me to a fourth IME, in which this IME, who saw me for all of 5 minutes (if that), states in his/her report that “there is nothing wrong with me and that I am fit for work” ? So my (work) hours go up for the 3rd time and, again, I fail to cope!

case-manager2My case manager goes out of his/her way to call my treating doctor and abuses them, telling them they are not to sign any more Certificates of Capacity. My treating GP is actually one of their own hired guns I have been seeing for the last 12 months or so, and s/he actually told my case manager that s/he doesn’t want to deal with me anymore… So I went to see another GP (which accepted to treat me after I told him/her all the cr*p I am going through), and now my workcover insurer case manager is telling me I am non-compliant because I changed GP’s!

Not only am I sore as hell day in, day out… but the lack of “pretend duties” which my employer tells everyone that I am doing (watching ants walk up the wall every day), coupled with my severe clinical depression (I am seeing a psychiatrist and on medication), as well as the constant abuse and attitude from my trainee case manager (yes, trainee) it has driven me to the grave!

I am getting a weekly payment from my workcover insurer which is only 35% of my PIAWE;  my family is in dept up to the eyeballs because of this damn injury, sometimes I think I am better off dead!

I would rather pick up a blunt object, walk into the workcover  insurer’s office and maim as many of them as I can and go to jail, I believe I will be treated a lot better in there than I currently am.

I welcome any comments as I am seriously confused and don’t see any way out of this hell.


Anonymous Injured Worker ‘HAD ENOUGH’

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