Who else can help

Who else can help with your workcover issues / claim?

If you are stuck with your workcover claim, need an answer to a question, are seeking some advice you can use our “I need help” page. Our authors, contributors and fellow injured workers are generally able to answer your question(s) or at least guide you n the right direction.

However there are other support sites that may be able to help you as well…

In New South Wales


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The Injured Workers Support Network is a community based organisation, run by a non-for-profit health and safety rehabilitation provider (Workers Health Centre), and covers NSW Australia only. Any questions and advice on Workers Compensation must by necessity relate only to the NSW Workcover system.

For assistance, click here

In Victoria

The Injured Workers Group of Victoria


The Injured Workers Group Inc of Victoria is a non-profit organisation run and organized by injured workers, It was formed to provide clear and concise information on injured workers’ rights under the Victorian Workers Compensation Act, to form networks between union and non-union injured workers, and to help injured workers establish links within their local community health system and other organisations that can offer support. All injured workers are welcome to attend its meetings, which are run at the Trades Hall at 11.30am every 3rd Thursday of each month. For more information, contact Peter on 03 9460 7592, send an email to iwgvic@bigpond.com or visit their website.

Note: we don’t personally know nor are we involved in this Group.

Union assist


Is available to union members. They provide expert advice to help you with your WorkCover disputes at the conciliation stage and advice in any WorkCover issues that may arise

E: info@unionassist.org.au

P: (03) 9639 6144

Workcover Assist


WorkCover Assist is a very good and free service provided by WorkSafe Victoria that can help you with your workcover dispute as it progresses through the conciliation process. By offering injured workers support and guidance, they aim to simplify the conciliation process for you. They can:

  • explain the conciliation process to you
  • provide you with technical assistance about your dispute
  • help you identify information that will assist to resolve your dispute
  • help speed up the resolution of your dispute
  • attend the conciliation conference at the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (ACCS), whether in Melbourne or regional Victoria, with you as your assistant
  • help you identify any other workcover benefits you may be eligible for

In Tasmania:

Worker Assist


Workers Assist works for injured workers as they go through the Tasmanian Workers Compensation system. They provide assistance and advice with lodgments, claims and the return to work process.

E: workerassist@workerassist.org.au

P: 1300 027 747

In South Australia:

Work Injured Resource Connection


Provide referrals and information as well as some practical assistance to injured workers in South Australia.

E: reception@wirc.net.au

P: (08) 8255 9138

In Queensland:

The Workers’ Compensation Information Service

assists Queensland workers under stand their rights and entitlements under the workers’ compensation scheme in Queensland.

P: 1800 102 166

In the ACT and other states

Get in touch with your Union


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