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Why do we take the time to search out these stories about Workers Compensation from all around the country? Simply put, we want you to understand that this workcover (aka work-over!) epidemic is a national problem. Employers and workcover insurers will simply stoop to the lowest of levels to try to beat an injured worker out of his lawfully mandated and guaranteed benefits.

Workcover insurers and employers lose sight of the fact that this safety net was created to catch occupationally injured workers and assist them back to productivity or help them find another vocation (job) where they can support their families once again.

Understand the reality; workcover is no longer about taking care of the injuries of injured workers and getting them back to work as it is supposed to be, it’s about money and power and who has it and who uses it to influence state legislators to do their bidding.

It’s about those who don’t think twice about convoluting and bastardising this system to meet their goals. It’s about unfeeling, uncaring corporate entities who care about only one thing; their financial bottom line.

We have the power to get the truth out there where all can see it. Help us get it where all can see.


Share your workcover story/experience and help us expose the workcover insurers for what they really are! You don’t even have to provide your real name or and can use an anonymous email address (i.e yahoo, Gmail). We guaranty you 100% confidentiality!

You can email us directly via ‘’ or use the anonymous form below which does not even require your email address.

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Many injured workers like you and me have shared their workcover stories, and in doing so help us prove that there is a systematic pattern of abuse by the workcover system, which is unacceptable.

Please conduct a search using the keyword “stories” to find all shared stories prior to 16 May 2012 and those not published on this page.

Silence is not an option

Selected injured worker’s stories

Injured worker “L” – 28 Mar 2015

The following story, shared by “L”describes the all too familiar feeling that, once on the workcover system, many of us become a prisoner of our own body and are being driven to what “L” can only describe as a “spiraling emotional unhealthiness and depression….”Read the story

Injured worker “I” – 27 Feb 2015

Truck Driver denied compensation for PTSD – The following distressing story highlights the difficulties injured workers face in proving negligence on the part of the employer – for causing a foreseeable psychiatric injury – and, ultimately for successfully litigating psychiatric injuries by means of common law.Read the story

Injured Worker “X” – 17 Feb 2015

The following psychologically injured worker has been working as an emergency medical dispatcher. His/her is one of the voices callers hear when they dial 000 and ask for an ambulance. No training can fully prepare a dispatcher for the stress of taking calls from emergencies and people in desperate situations. Sometimes the outcome is traumatically evident: the casualty dies while still on the line… But what if that casualty is your own son or daughter? Read the story

Injured Worker “A” – 10 Feb 2015

I want people to know that these [IME] ‘examinations’ are sheer TORTURE!Read the story

Injured Worker “S” 1 November 2014

I am just sharing part of my journey. I am robust but I can see how a physical injury can, through the machinations of the (workcover X) insurer, trigger psychological injury…Read the story

Injured Worker “X” 30 October 2014

Another brave injured worker decided to share his/her workcover story nightmare, again highlighting the abuse inflicted upon injured workers by the adversarial workcover system.Read the story

Injured Worker “A” 6 August 2014

After having visited our site, another brave injured worker decided to share his/her workcover story ordeal, again highlighting the reason(s) why our workers compensation system is extremely dysfunctional on multiple levels.Read the story

Injured Worker “T” 20 April 2013

By far the worst workcover story we have ever heard of! A lawyer who lied, a doctor who made a mistake and an injured worker crippled for life.Read the story

Injured Worker “X” 16 April 2013

“…Late in 2011 I was verbally attacked and physically chased to the toilets by the General Manager and a senior Manager whilst my local manager sat there and let it all happen….”Read the story

Injured worker ‘C” 27 March 2013

“….Also the case managers who were rude, hardly ever return my calls or emails and rejecting treatment that I wanted to get in order to get back to work and to get better of course. Went to claim for my shoulders and of course they rejected it. And this was because of an IME doctor that said it was all in my head and he wasn’t even a psychologist..funny that…”Read the story

Injured worker Johnny 16 March 2013

I used to work for a manufacturing company before I had to stop due to getting carpal tunnel syndrome. I had to have a small operation after which kept me off work for a few weeks, I tried to return on partial hours but my doctor said I was only able to supervise, I wasn’t able to do any work.after doing this for a week my employer sent me home in front of everyone, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t return there, I was off work for two and a half years because of an adjustment disorder I developed from this traumatic experience, …Read the story

Injured worker “C” 7 March 2013

I am glad I stuck to my guns – an injured workers stress-full story, inspiration, courage and some invaluable tips when lodging a claim for stress and undertaking legal proceedings.Read the story

Injured worker “M” 18 November 2012

“I have wanted to tell this story for a long time, and having now pretty much explored every legal avenue I am more confident in doing so”, writes an injured worker who experienced sickening bullying in his workplace….”Read the story

Injured worker “X”10 November 2012

In this horrible story, an injured worker was called “a fat, lazy female” in court!…Where do I start. Well I was working as an Administration Assistant in 2005 I had a workstation made from an old desk and a desk return at my feet under the desk I had open Telecom cables and to my left a large hard drive box on the floor. I had a little room …Read the story

Injured worker “X” 22 September 2012

Another very brave injured worker shared his disturbing story with us. He was severely bullied in his workplace to the point where he was shot with a staple gun by a fellow employee! His workcover claim was initially denied, courtesy of a very biased ‘investigator’s report’. With the help of a law firm he finally managed to have his claim accepted, only to discover that his lawyer had coerced him to sign an “agreement” and since then the poor and exasperated injured workers has been going through an all too familiar nightmare of insurer’s bullying tactics, delays and denials…Read the story

Injured worker ‘X” 13 September 2012

Recently we all received a welcomed bonus with a letter that stated again our obligation to keep accidents low and even made reference to a few doctors’ visits that occurred but could also be avoided. Clearly, it inferred that our bonus might be bigger, if only we all could meet safety targets… Read the story

Injured worker Carl 11 September 2012

We recently received a plea for help from Carl, via the IWSN, who is an injured nurse.  We expect, like Carl, that many seriously injured workers will now be subjected to the same hostile and unfair treatment by insurers under the new WorkCover laws in NSW. A must read! Read the story

Injured Worker “X” 17 August 2012

A severely psychologically injured worker kindly shared a letter she wrote to the Victorian Ombudsman. It’s one of many complaints that she took to many bodies that are touted as protectors of the little guy”, she writes. “Guess what, none of them measured up”. Again this story highlights the impact that adversarial workers compensation systems has on the mental health of injured workers.Read the story

Injured Worker “I” 12 August 2012

Injured Worker “I” found the courage and strength to share his painful story with us. Again, this story highlights the blame mentality taken on by so many employers (in a no-fault system!), and the endless frustrations a severely injured worker typically faces with his/her workcover case manager. Note that this injured workers was told by his case manager that “if he feels depressed he can ring her for a chat” (WTF).Read the story

Injured Worker “Screwed” 7 August 2012

We received a painful email from an American seriously injured worker who states that the system of Workers Comp is [also] so screwed up in his state its unreal. He says he feels raped and that if it wasn’t for his fiancee, who sadly was diagnosed with MS but who is still working, he would be living in a card board box under some bridge.Read the story

Injured Worker “X” 5 August 2012

MUST READ: In this true and most shocking story, a well known despicable and evil case manager from Xchanging, took it upon her uneducated self to illegally downgrade a severely injured worker’s serious injury certificate, accusing the injured worker – who is currently literally facing “sudden paralysis from the legs down as well as urinary and fecal incontinence” of malingering! Read the story

Injured Worker “P” 4 August 2012

From 1998 to 2003, I was employed by a Community Legal Centre. In the latter years of my employment, I was bullied at work over a long period. Initially, I did not recognise the bullying for what it was. I developed severe back pain and moderate depression. I took my annual leave to try to recover. During this time, I was made aware of the bullying meted out to a colleague and friend. I assisted my colleague in writing a complaint. I was further emotionally devastated by this process both by the distress of my colleague and because her complaint signaled to me that my workplace was losing its integrity. Subsequently, I made a Workcover claim to cover what eventually became six months absence from the workplace…Read the story

Injured Woker “R” 3 August 2012

Injured worker “R” kindly shares his story with us. Whilst he has undergone three surgeries and is doing all he possibly can to return to work, he has been told by his employer that they want him back only when/if “100% mentally and physically fit”. Now that the injured worker’s injury will take a long time to heal and recover, his rude and bullying employer appears to be making a sly case for constructive dismissal…Read the story

Injured Worker “X” 1 August 2012

an injured worker who made a complaint to WorkSafe about bullying in his workplace. The response he received from WorkSafe left him beyond shock. Repeated exposure to this bullying has left him expecting nothing less than total corruption and typical “cover up” for the bully and no enforcement of Worksafe’s OHS Act. Bullies are just encouraged to bully even more…Read the story

Injured worker “L” – 27 July 2012

In this story, injured worker “L” kindly shares her painful workcover journey with us. L sustained a permanent back injury which, most unfortunately, means that she is no longer able to do the job she so much loves. Her employer was unable to provide her with a new administrative based job, and without formal retraining, she found herself working elsewhere in an admin-based job she finds overwhelming and where she does not feel welcome or appreciated. On the way to work, L sometimes feels like not turning the wheel and thinking all her troubles would be over if she kept going straight…Read the story

Injured Worker “Pauline” – 20 July 2012 and 28 July 2012

“a workplace bullying victim me, bullied even more by Workcover, the legislation and all those trough slurpers who suck at the Workcover purse”, says P, who is sharing a rather nauseating verbatim transcription of a question and answer session that was conducted at Worksafe Week 2009 by QBE, and a most enlightening letter she wrote to the then workcover Minister Tim Holding.Read the story

Injured worker “Pauline”, who shared her story with us last week and who suffered a whopping 30% psychiatric injury in 2006, and was “compensated’ out of the system with barely two years income to support me was blocked at all attempts to get retraining. In her story, she shares a copy of one of her letters rounding up her effort on this front. Pauline is now homeless and deeply impoverished living on the disability pension.Read the story

Injured worker “X” – 18 July 2012

an injured worker, who suffered a very serious psychological injury including very real suicidal ideation, following relentless bullying and harassment in the workplace [The Nepean Hospital in NSW], eventually recovered enough for pre-injury duties. With a medico-legal certificate of capacity, clearly stating the injured worker fit for pre-injury duties, the Nepean Hospital’s [then] Human Resource Manager literally forbid him to return to work, based on the completely outrageous, unfounded and sickening statement that “the Area Health Service continues to have serious concerns about the injured worker’s [mental] wellbeing…” and that they would need to obtain “medical evidence”. [WTF!].Read the story

Injured worker “X” – 14 July 2012

an injured worker who has been bullied at work and who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons tells us that a bullying manager, who had been “off work for 6 months” and who had been responsible for over 100 resignations (!) and had at least 10 formal complaints about bullying against her, would be returning to work shortly. As s/he rightly states, “it’s a joke in about the lack of severely disciplining managers as they are still considered untouchable…”Read the story

16 July 2012: The horrible story continues and the bully manager is still vilifying current and former staff, even before she has officially returned to work!Read the story

Injured worker “A” – 8 July 2012

I recently requested a copy of the circumstance investigation report from my work cover claim. After the usual delays from the insurance company I finally received it. I wasn’t that surprised to find out that all of my work colleagues had not supported me, and had protected the person who had harassed and bullied me. I was shocked though, to find that included in the report were comments from a post I had made on my Facebook page around the time of the investigation..Read the story

Injured worker “G” – 8 July 2012

a sickening story from an injured NSW fire fighter’s friend. Her fire fighter friend suffered a workplace injury which left him with long term permanent impairment, but -as a result of his inhumane modified duties- he also suffered severe psychological injuries. After 25 years of loyal service protecting lives and properties, this man found himself without any retraining or rehab and … sacked! Read the story

Injured worker “A” – 5 July 2012

a sickening story from a bullied worker who, rightly, complained to WorkSafe about the bullying experienced at her workplace. The WorkSafe OHS inspector’s own behaviour, however, was truly frightening, hostile and nothing short of bullying! Read the story

Injured worker “G” – 4 July 2012

the story from injured worker “G”, who has suffered agonising arm and shoulder injuries from doing repetitive computer work and find himself in an -unfortunately all too common situation – where his boss “is just too busy” to “deal with his return to work plan”. His boss makes no effort to contact him and it looks like they do not want him back at work. His elusive case manager is of not much help either…Read the story

Injured worker “J” – 1 July 2012

an injured worker who developed debilitating, lifetime post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after he was required, as part of his job, to investigate pretty gruesome heavy machinery accidents. His  case differs in that there was an extended (20+ years) period of time between exposure and diagnosis, which caused much debate as to the date of injury and under which WC Act it should be considered…Read the story

Injured worker “R”- 29 June 2012

injured worker “R” shared his gut-wrenching story with us. R, who suffers a severe back injury, is now living in a dark boarding room [a box] and relies on the Salvos for food parcels. He can’t walk to the bathroom down the hall without soiling , he sleeps rarely and he can’t fill a script from the chemist cos he can’t walk there. And, worst of all, he was let down by his very own GP, who – undoubtedly after being pressurised by the insurer, suddenly certified him “fit” as a fiddle.Read the story

Injured worker “Kim” – 27 June 2012

“Kim”  kindly found the courage to share her story with us. Whilst Kim initially suffered a relatively “minor” back injury at her first workplace, she had not been treated properly by her then employer (and insurer) and was consequently forced to seek alternate employment, where she suffered horrendous abuse to be only pushed into another position where she was further exploited by another greedy and cruel employer. The domino effect of one injury is crushing, and we can see now how the original physical injury actually created a psychological injury also, which made her very vulnerable to further injury….Read the story

Injured worker “Kris” – 26 June 2012

Injured Worker “Kris” shares his/her story and clearly shows that the workcover “paperwork”  has not only caused life-threatening complications but also extended his/her recovery time by months, and has made things much much worse . As Kris writes: ” the “system” itself that is bureaucracy at its worst, has wasted a lot of my time and money”.Read the story

Injured worker “Troy” – 25 June 2012

Yet another nightmarish story from “Troy”, a SA based injured worker who is spiraling into complete isolation and who is really, really desperate for help. He says no lawyer will help him without cash upfront and he feels like he is left to rot…”I pretty much have 1 foot the grave already and EML has a backhoe to dig faster…”Read the story

Injured worker sent to lying geriatric IME – 22 June 2012

A harrowing story about a Victorian injured worker, whose claim is managed by CGU, and who was sent to an all-too-common- despicable, geriatric independent medical examinator exterminator (IME). This most unethical “doctor”, a disgrace to the profession really, dared to state that there was nothing wrong with the injured worker, despite clear MRI evidence of a lumbar disc protrusion with nerve compression. He had the guts to state that the injured worker is”fit for 40 hour per week” normal duties, and in doing so is just about to destroy a person’s life and livelihood! Disgusting! Read the story

Injured worker “Grathom” has nowhere to go –  19 June 2012

@grathom is an injured worker who has been battling the workcover system for over eight years now, and who is constantly being sent from one IME to another by Allianz under the false pretext to “diagnose” his injury correctly (after 8 years, WTF!), who has to fight for every legit payment, who has been unable to find a job, and who is now facing financial ruin with the proposed O’Farrell butchery. Like so many injured workers, he has nowhere to go…Read the story

Injured worker “D” – 17 June 2012

another gut-wrenching story and plea for help and support overnight from an injured worker, who sustained a brain injury after a car accident, and who has been abused in unimaginable ways by an employment agency, preying on disability subsidies. This man, and his carer are not only disillusioned with our society, but they are utterly desperate for help, support and advice…Read the story

Injured worker “P” – 7 June 2012

I started at my dream job in 2010 and I was really happy to be with this government organisation and thought I would end up working there until I retired. Boy was I wrong, within three weeks my new manager was bullying me. She would not train me, ignored me, isolated me and would talk to everyone in the office but me…. Read the harrowing story of an worker who was psychologically injured at work, had his/her claim denied and who has not been paid and is paying for all medical expenses. S/he is facing a Hearing at the Magistrates Court… Read the story

Injured worker “C” – 30 May 2012

aworkcovervictimsdiary received a very compelling story from an injury worker today. He is basically left with a severe respiratory disease, a skin condition and sight problems and, two and a half years later he is still waiting for justice. His wages are about to be cut and he relies on his family to buy his medication…all the whilst he’s feeling like he is breathing through a straw! Shame on you workcover, shame on you! Read the story

Injured worker “S” – 18 May 2012

I was injured in 2010. I was rejected by WorkCover after the case officer verbally told me on the phone in front of my partner that he was approving my claim but said please don’t tell anyone until he issues the letter. Then for months he denied my numerous attempts to send him more supporting evidence whilst giving my employer a million extensions for example to go away for the weekend boating!

While I am really sick, and not being paid and all my savings were going going gone now… then he denied my claim. This man is a serious worry as he was actually conniving about the way he rejected my claim…. Read the story

Injured worker “V” – 18 May 2012

I am an injured worker and my file is currently managed by Xchanging.

My treating GP has made requests to the insurer for assistance with home help and garden upkeep.

This is slowly happening but not at the level I require, of course. After two ADL’s this year, we are now in debate about the possible recommendations an upcoming report ‘Workable’ can produce for the Insurer…. Read the story




55 Responses to “Your Stories”

  1. hi I read a lot of these and you are right about a class action but the system has bled me dry of cash since an injury in 1997 and forcer=d back to work and another serious injury in 1988 this finished my working career and tod suffer very badly with busted feet I leg 1nch shorter causing 2 disc bulging and causing knee problems accident 2 split recti muscle and work cover doctors diagnosis was heart attack and this gives me hell and no dr will touch it because of work cover responability they wont accept anything greg tweedle you know about this and the lies you told about this going to court and the lies told that this was not paid and passed and you admitted this to the ombudsman as well the whole work cover system is a fraud and no pay since 1988cover no doctors that speak the truth and now scratching to live and crippled and in terrible pain permentally and 75 year old

    rupert bilston June 11, 2017 at 1:07 pm
  2. Hi.
    I’ m relatively new to this Web forum. I have left many recent post’s and are quite disgusted with the system, Australia and the Legal/Political system. Now coming across this section. Here is my $0.02 worth. After all, dealing with the Work Cover system and QBE has left me only with a wealth of about $0.02.
    Back in 2003 I injured my Back at work. Have had many treatments and although improved still suffer with this debilitating disease and also suffering my Back injury itself. The real Disease here is the Work Cover system. From there I also broke my ankle a Sequale injury. I have also suffered many side effects from very strong Medication. Then there are the Mental damage. Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder and so on. These disorders not only arise from the injury but also the Mental injury’s directly in dealing with Work Cover and the Insurer.
    Currently my Doctors say that I cannot work. I am currently undergoing more Medical treatment. In fact today I was waiting on a Work Cover Taxi to pick me up for delivery to Hospital. And as usual, they did not turn up that was after a 5:00am phone call to the Taxi Co. to re-confirm details). No I have to re-book for this procedure a 3rd time (pity the Doctor wont send W/C the bill for wasting his time). This has taken about 5 months to try and get this treatment that has already been authorized.
    I had returned to work, no light duty’s. So I invested big $$$ and returned to my trade. Medical Panel told me to Quit and QBE to pay. I was in gainful employment, was good at my job but my injury was worsening and the Panel could see that. Payments resumed for a time but alas, they also soon stopped. Then after Magistrate’s, Supreme Court, Magistrates again then followed by the Medical Panel. Now I was told I can do sales. Ignoring ongoing treatment, recent Medical reports, symptoms, Cluster headaches and other body parts becoming systematic of original injury’s. Nor any training (I would not want to hire that Sales person or even be a customer of such a person. No experience, no knollage and many issues ). Even worse, ignoring previous Medical Panel reports. But again, the period between the two differing Medical Panel reports, I was unable to work. This was recognized by the Panel and said to be indefinitely. So where is my Weekly benefits for the last years (that is close to 1/4 of a Million Dollars owing or $250,000.oo). My Lawyer is sick of it and has given up and now I am in limbo. Currently I do not know where to turn. Any help would be appreciated (including a gun).
    My question is, How do we (not me) allow them to get away with it. We know how bad it is. The Polly’s also know, After all they wrote the system. Many Doctors also know. Its amazing that many Doctors will not deal with Work Cover. If you want treatment, they will take your money but you would have to follow it up with the insurer and dream for reimbursement or payment ( My experience, not a hope in Hell). as this Web Page shows, there are many Victims. Some are genuine and some may not be.
    Rest assured, that this is only the tip of the Iceberg.
    TV and Media ignore the issues against the insurers and Government. The Public need to know. So why don’t we tell them. Lets band together and make it know. Lets take action, Class Action – both against the corrupt Work Cover system and the Australian Government.

    • @David –

      How do we (not me) allow them to get away with it

      is THE golden question indeed. Erin Brockovich, who personally visited me in 2012, strongly believes that there is a systemic pattern of misconduct and abuse by the workcover insurers which seems to be the “norm” here and that this is unacceptable.The fact is that many, if not all workcover insurance companies and their case managers treat us like criminals and in fact by doing so are negligent to the point of putting our very lives at risk. As is made very clear through our blog and its interaction with injured workers, the biggest issue is that YOU are not alone, which ultimately means that a pattern has been established by workcover insurance companies. In the interest of saving big money, insurance companies and their employees turn a blind eye to the treatment of injured people whose care is entrusted in them.
      All the while many horrible case managers [and therefore workcover insurance companies] continue to do irreparable damage to you [the injured worker] with no regard for your safety, not to mention to the quality of your life.
      To Erin Brockovich, the natural next step would be to file a class action lawsuit against what is a horrible, broken system.

      Unfortunately to date it appears we do not have enough stories (hard evidence) from ill-treated injured workers, as to start some sort of class action. Injured workers need to share their stories publicly and share evidence of ill-treatment and wrong-doing with us (or a like minded site). We’re yet to find a lawyer/law firm willing to tackle our biggest issues (that of negligence & negligent conduct on the part of the insurers) and do something about it (i.e. class action).

      With re to your situation, if you’re in VIC I would urge you to contact John Typaldos from Shine Lawyers (see right hand sidebar for contact details) and see if there is anything that can be done re your outstanding weekly payments.

      • I had recently seen Shine Layers. One meeting and obviously a Junior. He was very sympathetic but had to liaise with a more senior member. The responding phone-call and letter, essentially said money up front.
        Being on the system since 2003 and investing $$$$ of my own savings to invest in a return to work (light Duties) with no assistance from QBE. Left me with no savings. In the end I was only earning a living while my injury was worsening.
        Even the Medical Panel identified the situation. Ordering from that date on, for me to give up work and QBE to pay. Of coarse ultimately QBE stopped payments. Now financially broke, with a family and mortgage to pay, this has put me into Chronic poverty. (Our income is less than our Mortage payments)
        If I sold my house, I would have to pay for someone to pack and move us. Then to rent for the rest of my life. If I were to rent, then being on Social Security (poverty) payments would see ceased , as the balance from house sale would see too much money in the Bank. If I were to repurchase a lesser house. I would still need finance, I would be refused as I have had no income for years, no savings and no job.
        This is Prison Australia.
        If all were even and I had choices. I would denounce my citizenship and return to the UK. (with a bit a luck AUST will automatically retract my citizenship under the new proposed laws). If I denounced them, it comes at a financial cost. There is an application fee. But If I did leave, I believe that after 6 weeks out of this Country would deny me to my rite to compensation. (not that I’m receiving them anyway.
        When analysed, Who are the Terrorists Australia !
        I need options and currently all are being denied to me.

  3. @Steve, what about a campaign on You would need to organise a really sad sympathy case and also have the changes that you want to petition for drafted. We here might be able to help even if we’re not in SA it’ll be coming to us soon enough.

  4. Interesting, the unions have just figured out that if there is little or no ability for workers, injured by negligent employers, to make claims against the negligent employer, then there is little to no financial imperative for employers to make workplaces safe. Not to mention Work Cover would be saving money on those claims!! Oh wait they didn’t mention that bit! Wow they are quick! This law was changed in about 1986!!! Fantastic they had 30 years to tell all South Australian workers that as criminals they are protected by common law but as workers they arent properly protected by common law. I wonder how many South Australians would be up in arms if the unions actually bothered to tell workers they lose their right to expect to be protected under Common Law by starting work?? Also I noticed the piece the unions posted here didnt mention that employers, the ones who control the working environment, can sue workers even though workers cant sue employers!
    Also just a couple interesting questions. Common Law is the only law that covers human rights in Australia, as we dont have a USA like “Bill Of Rights”, and I believe its federal law, so the State Government just got around this problem by, not removing the law as they cant, but instead, just took away a workers ability to take it to court. Isn’t the right to be safe kind of a Human Right?
    I’m prepared to be corrected on this, as I’ve only seen about six Lawyers, and the South Australian Law Society, but I find it passing strange, as they say in court, that the Unions have not made any of this common knowledge in South Australia, and still aren’t!! Ive tried to get it put on every current affairs show in Australia, ABC Radio, etc. who all told me “their viewers/listeners weren’t interested in this issue! Strange everyone I tell, if they finally believe me, is outraged! Why doesn’t everyone in South Australia know, and if the government aren’t ashamed of this, why don’t they tell everyone, just as the unions should??? But no big press releases by either, and no little bulletin board messages at workplaces by those oh so concerned unions? Like I said just questions.

  5. hi all i said id update you’s after conciliation well hear we go so i fired my lawyer as i suspected she was poss brought of after lots of her not doing her job i reported allianz for breaching there duty of care and for providing false and or missleading info it made it to the last week befor concil they agreed to pay me as the concil officer was agreeing with me so they calculated my paiwe and are paying me they wernt happy they expected they would have to repay centerlink as previoualy stated but ive refused to go i finally did and all they ha to repay was $3400. and was orderd to pay me total of $8700 and to continue payments so yea ha on that side of things now of for more independant medical review and vocational ass to help access whether or not i need any retraining to gain employment elsewhere as my employer is still trying to claim im a contractor and my contact has expired so this week im going to talk to a lawyer about unfair dismisal hopfully as if i had a contrat and its expired than im going to demqnd he produce this so called contact as one dose not excist so its atill far from over see i think he possibly payed of worksafe as they never filed my report back in june this year and have not even investivated him and now are trying to tell me they wont because of time limits apply huh go figure so this week im officaly rasing my complaint withthem and then in 28days report to ombudsome like i did with allianz so hears hoping that will motivate them to do thier job and presacute him for all breachs of ohs regs and for sham contacting as if you ask workcover its worksafes job see allianz back at the start of it all said they would inveatigate and its there job they toldme that the privet investigator that interviewed me was also the worksafe ivestigator lol what blaitant lies on there behalf but of coure they are denying any of this was ever said ao the fun continues but at least im being paid now my back is healing but not properly and the hand still rwmains untreated at this point but im booked in for mri this week and then my doc is going to refer me to a hand surgen so hears hoping i can still get it fixed so just a bit of an update thans all i qill keep you’s informed as i go. Kind regards anomous

  6. Has there been a discussion about a class action against these insurers?

    I agree with the premise we let them get away with it, but only because they divide and conquer, with a site like this and some smart marketing, law firms would be very interested in bringing them down, but alone they pick us off one at a time!!!


    • @Alex – we are getting something together over at but as you say a Class Action needs people to work together for a common cause. There have been many try over the years to get something together but nobody has really had any concrete success We have opened a door with one of the major Law firms but it is pointless unless others join. We have set up / are setting up the website and have another similar site being created to reach a wider audience and allow us a more vocal appeal to spread the word and gain support for our cause. We would like to work with everyone interested thru this site to achieve some major changes to the current system and even out the playing field to where the WorkCover Scheme is actually doing the job that it was set up to do, not just be a cash cow for the Government and all the bottom feeding scum who currently enjoy the perks of power and greed in a system that can only be described as fraught with corruption and collusion. You can contact Admin at The longer the injured workers remain suspicious of every person and not being able to join support networks with other injured people for fear of reprisals if identified or jeopardising their case, the more power these bastards have and the more hopeless our individual cases become. It detrimentally affects our physical, mental and financial status and the life consequences are horrific. It all starts with just one step and then anything is possible.

  7. I have been on the merry go round for almost 13yrs, I started my workday no different than any other, but with one difference I never finished the shift that started my endless trips to overpaid retired doctors working for the insurance company to write in their reports nothing wrong with me, needs to go back to work to get her mind on other things. This was besides the fact I couldn’t walk, dress or shower without assistance, unable to sit at all and could only lay 24/7. Two operations later the first for me to walk again the second for me to walk a lot better. I have no reflexes in my legs or feet, need to have shoes on from the moment my feet hit the floor in case I stand or walk on something that may be imbedded in my feet and not notice it until I see the trails of blood showing me where I have been. But what stands out in all those reports is I am obese and impacts on my back injury, and if I were to lose some weight there would be a tremendous improvement which in turn would see me return to work 100%. Those of you out there with work injuries, mentally or physically don’t give in to them, what you feel is real dont let anyone tell you any different. Keep telling yourself as I do there is an end to this tunnel it may be some way off but I will see it eventually.

    • @Susan Howard – we have moved your comment to this page (your stories) as you posted it under an attached picture on our ‘write an article’ page. If you’d like to write an article or blog post for publishing, you can do so using the form on our ‘write an article‘ page. Obviously an article or blog post needs to be written in a way that it can be read as a standalone article which adds value, empowerment and/or information to share with other injured workers as it will be published under its own headline (see example of an injured worker submitted post here)
      If you want to share your story (and be published as a standalone) you can use ‘share my story’ form above in the body text of this page.

      I am very sorry to read of the way you are being treated by workcover et al. Whilst losing weight when one suffers a back injury and one is overweight MAY improve the condition (same as for someone who suffers an injury to a bear weighting joint such as a hip or knee) it should not be the focus of IME reports! Bulging discs, arthritic, torn knees and hips won’t fix themselves with losing weight, but it may reduce pain and speed of deterioration. Another injured worker experienced the terrible humiliation of being told she is lazy and fat in a court of law!

  8. hi woowoo i understand your point to personal discription and its a good one i agree to for normaly people to not include any personal info if site managment wish to remove that than thats ok i would but im unsure on how to re edit a previous post so im unsure on what to do there. Its just by sharing with you’s and talking about what im going through they are going to reconize who i am anyway so im not to fussed as im only seeking oppinoins and advice and as i previously said i only didnt put a name to this post as i did not want to publicly accuse them as yet im just trying to do my research and see where i stand at this point it has been a confusing process and they arnt making it any easy (no not that i’d expect that lol) but this site and you and barry have already given me a bit of extra wisdom im only new to workcover and have never known much about it and how it works and i find that any time ive been asking any one from any certain departments i just get run around as i ofend them by then putting them on the spot like the insurer pert near had a fit they wernt happy i was wanting to report one of thier workers for giving false and or missleading information and for breaching thier duty of care towards the injured worker being me but thank you sincerely as i do appeciate all the advice given so far hear as im a bit lost and confused ive been trying reasonably every way to oblige these people and there unreasonable request but just keep hit walls!!?!?!?! sorry im a very irate person at the moment over the situation but relize at the same time we all have to be rational in situations like these ive been having a bit of a read of other unfortunate people like me that have been unlucky enough to be experiancing these type of situations and adidtudes from insurers sad really as barry has said to me earlier hopfully one day we all wont have to be treated like this. Hi barry yes ive been and read the employer obligations and mine and so forth but try telling allianz that they are just being arogant to the point so i tried talking to the ombudsan and the phone operator was not impressed with the way ive been treated but said if i go to conciliation then they cant change any dicsion that the conciliation officer makes so thats why i was wondering which way to go the concilation or the ombudsman? im just expected to carry out the employers obligations and mine go figure aye what a wonderfull system and world we live in these days where huge companys carrying out gov tenders can blaitantly act dishonestly and give missleading information and conderdicting themselfs all with a smile on the face mind you huh my lawyer has already filed for conciliation so ill prob have to wait to go to that but see i dot understand as allianz has said they are unlike to chance thier stnce in the future so it wont be sorted any way and then theres my employer aswell he wont be copertive so it will be dificult see at mom as it stand they said my pay was clculated but not verifed now on thier calculation it’s been 11 weeks of the 12-13 first period at 95percent of 554 per week is at least 5850 dollors and thats at thier calculation i was earning 700 a week after tax he said at start then when i registered my abn he paid me 800 a week and said i had to take my own tax out shouldnt he get into triuble of the ato aswell then foor the sham contracting as he was taking tax of me but who he was paying it for i dont know i never gave him my tfn so that’s what i mean its been prety confusing anyway thank you though as it has atleast given me a new direction to head in and hopfully they will relize thier errors and rectify them ha i think if only a claim agent could fly lol.
    p.s so barry can i ask a question so if i oringanly reported him to worsafe for all this i can still contact fair work ? see i thought it was work cover who was to enforce and direct the employer to obide by his obligations and make payment to the employee? and im sorry about my style of typing ive been using left hand which im right hand predominant so its been hard readjusting and learning change thanks to all for beaing with me
    kind regards anonymous

    • @Anonymous
      Work safe is for safety in the workplace, Fairwork is for conditions and pay issues… Workcover… well they are supposed to be there to help us injured lot through the injury and assist with loss of wages… (make life easier while we recuperate) you already have the gist of what really happens.. generally in the early days they are very obliging, help a fair bit.
      If you have a solicitor be guided by him/her, but also be aware of your rights and responsibilities…
      Conciliation may be about the PIAWE, and this is why it would be better if you had something from Fairwork about the wages or payment issues. They will calculate how much you should be paid and start proceedings with the employer… As he paid you on an ABN you are responsible for your own tax and super, unless you are deemed to be an employee, (Fairwork) and then he will have to fix up your Super and maybe your tax (very slight chance)
      On the editing of your post you can contact via the quick contact on the right side of this page, above FU_CGU playlist..

      • hi woowoo thank you very much ive been on the phone today with h+R block and had a chat about my circumstance and made a appointment for early next week she explained that i should be able to provide a stat dec and lodge a indevidual as you said so at least that might speed things up and the request for conciliation has been made and they are now waiting to set a date im still not going to go to centerlink as im a stubern bloke but that is my decision and so at least we might be moving forward a little bit (you know the old one step forward two steps back job lol) but thanks a lot i have really appreciated having some good knowledgable people to offer some good advice and thank you barry the fair work is the next on my list now so yea im getting the gist slowly but surely. On another note may i say that this site is a wonderfull place for people to get togther and offer up advice support and compassion i can only imagine what other peoples experiances have been i know what im going through and im only just begining i feel for the people that have been left to fight for thier rights for at some instances what might be years i would like to take this chance to comend all of you out there site managment and injured workers alike ill tell ya gezze im just amazed at the rezilance of good people and thier will. best of luck to all out there and ill prob post againg to let you all know how im going once ive been to conciliation in a few weeks.
        kind regards -anonymous

  9. @ annon, God yeh, file for Conciliation immediately. On the form if u don’t have a Union rep make sure u put that u want “WorkCover Assist” to represent u, if ur complaint is over 60 days then u will need to attach reasons, list all the reasons about the employer, reporting him, the VWA investigation, problems with Allianz making errors, the IME not reporting facts and that you have not been paid or reimbursed for medical expenses etc. Make sure you list everything that is owed bc they have become strict about that. So lost income (interest if applicable), medical expenses, travel etc $$$. Once you submit the form with that on it the ACCS will notify WorkCover Assist and they will contact you. U really can’t get this into Court like u mentioned earlier without a Certificate of Genuine Dispute from the ACCS. Here is the link, they are pretty good to deal with:
    As for the Compliance Div of the VWA, make sure u keep on them. There are different branches of the VWA and each respond to different aspects of Claims. If your Claim has been accepted and u have NOT been paid for such a long time, then something is very mush astray (that’s not unusual in the system tho). You need to stay strong and keep on them. There’s not much over on our website and forum yet but u are welcome to join. We are happy to help if we can. Baz

    • @annon

      U should not be waiting for money this long. refer:

      What your employer should be doing

      Your employer should:

      Continue to plan for and consult about your return to work
      Keep in touch with you while you are away from work
      Pay you weekly payments for lost income after you give them a valid Certificate of Capacity
      Pay any medical excess
      Assist you with returning to work, if you need time off.

      What the VWA Agent should be doing

      The VWA Agent will:

      Review requests for treatment
      Manage your treatment program in conjunction with your treating health practitioners
      Assist you with your return to work program
      Develop strategies for a timely and safe return to work
      Review offers of suitable employment provided to you
      Support any suitable plan for your return to work
      Arrange an occupational rehabilitation provider to assist your return to work if required
      Make direct payment to your healthcare providers for their services within 30 days from receipt of their invoice
      Reimburse you for the reasonable costs of treatment that you have paid for within 30 days of your VWA Agent receiving your receipt
      Reimburse you for the reasonable costs of travel to and from treatment within 30 days of your VWA Agent receiving yoAdvisroy service and make a complaint to them in writing (by email so u have a copy) and ask for a complaint no. investigationa and written response. Do NOT let them fob u off verbally or just flick u back to the Agent (which is waht they will try to do). Also get a complaint no. and investigation report response from the Compliance Division i.e. their WorkSafe Investigators. Make sure you GET complaint numbers, it’s very important bc then it can be traced and if not actioned in time then referred back to the Obudsman etc. but u must be able to prove you went thru the complaints resolution process. U also can have any decsion by the Agent reviewed by a Senior Officer not involved in the original decision (this is usually a waste of time but good to have if they are incompetent twice at two levels (which they usually are). Ooops, forgot, put a time frame on when you require a response to your complaint (there is usually reasonable timeframes given in the onlines manual). Note: Failure to make a decision within a specified time frame is a “deemed refusal” i.e. a decision which can get u into Concil if they haven’t given u a decsion that u can use.

      Get onto the

      What your employer should be doing

      Your employer should:

      Continue to plan for and consult about your return to work
      Keep in touch with you while you are away from work
      Pay you weekly payments for lost income after you give them a valid Certificate of Capacity
      Pay any medical excess
      Assist you with returning to work, if you need time off.

      What the VWA Agent should be doing

      The VWA Agent will:

      Review requests for treatment
      Manage your treatment program in conjunction with your treating health practitioners
      Assist you with your return to work program
      Develop strategies for a timely and safe return to work
      Review offers of suitable employment provided to you
      Support any suitable plan for your return to work
      Arrange an occupational rehabilitation provider to assist your return to work if required
      Make direct payment to your healthcare providers for their services within 30 days from receipt of their invoice
      Reimburse you for the reasonable costs of treatment that you have paid for within 30 days of your VWA Agent receiving your receipt
      Reimburse you for the reasonable costs of travel to and from treatment within 30 days of your VWA Agent receiving your request.

  10. pps – here is the link for the VWA website: and also their Online Claims Manual – have a sticky at it bc it shows what can and should occur. it’s a good thing to know about –
    Knowledge is power! There are power in numbers so make sure you have a good support system, it’ll be a rough ride.

    • hi woowoo thanks i will defiantly try that tomorrow ill find out if h+r can help or not i cashed the cash cheques at his bank and he has been dificult to deal with his not a normal employer work safe and work cover were for warned about his additudes and possible dificulties they could face with him in the future my point is that i argued with them i origanly reported him to work safe thats how all this started i reported him for breaching ohs reg’s like failing to show due care towards his employee’s, for providing an unsafe worksite also for unsafe work practices(he could of preformed the work duties diferantly to avoid putting workers at risk of injury) and failing to provide safe and maitanced plant equipment not providing any safety eqquipment for his employee’s e.g- no helmets, ear muffs, no leather chaps nothing at all ,sham contracting if i was a subcontractor then all work duties untertaken would of been directed by the subcontractor and to his/her standerds and therfore ultimalty the liability/responsability would fall on the contractor but as all the work duties untertaken was directed by the employer therfore deeming the contractor is an employee. Hi barry yea i am not worried about them at all my claim has been accepted not rejected but just i have not been paid i have not recived any centerlink income and was last paid in june this year. There investigator came to my home spent almost three hours with me ive been upfront all the way about what happend and all the information is true and corect and also every one ive told about this or has been involed has been dicusted in my employer his even verbally abuising workcover and me. So go figure but thank you as i relize the severity of saying somthing and then any possible repercutions i should also mention they have been really nice as i look rough as guts holes in my ears the size of fifthy cent pieces and am a big boy so i look like i want to tear people apart on a good day so yea nicites all round lol hey im a prospector/wood cutter so i wont be pushed around. If you can understand i didnt want to openly come on an internet site and publicly acusse them without concrete info but im just sharing some details so i can. One trying to get any posible contributations as to how to deal with it already thank you woowoo and barry as you have given me some very usefull info already and i will be following up on it, and two try to find if anyone out there has experianced any similar situation or dificulties with them as i have relating to having such a bad employer and being aproved but not paid because of employer responsabilties not the employee’s and to see if people think that the ombudsom is the way to go or the concilation can you cancel these request for conciliation or do i have to attend? anyway thank you a lot ill try to keep you’se updated on any progress and p.s im already looking nto supper funds that i hold and the chance of early release so thank you all for response and ill defiantly have a look at the other site barry thanks.
      KInd regards anomous-

      • @Anonomous, It is unfortunately a requirement that the insurer have all your income details before paying anything. They are unable to pay anyone before the PIAWE is calculated, and that is the reason they need your income details.. Once you have your tax return done and notes taken on how the calculation was made (don’t forget to take your records for hours worked and rate of pay), the insurer will be able to calculate and then pay you, with back pay. A note on claiming centrelink benefits, when you are paid by the insurer, any payments made by centrelink will have to be repaid. You also need to give them certificates from your Dr on a regular basis. These certificates are different to the workcover/tac ones.
        I would advise against putting in descriptions of yourself, doesn’t matter how honest and upfront you are “they” will find something to use against you. Maybe WCV can remover/edit your comments above??
        Conciliation is to dispute non payment/decisions made by workcover that are unfair and/or unjust. I would seek the advice of Fairwork for issues relating to your employers failure to provide a safe work place. A solicitor can also use this information for future legal action.
        Email as much as possible and make sure you keep copies of everything. I scan my documents and email, or fax. Don’t send original documents to the insurer or the employer, although the employer should not be dealing with your case, after being so verbal, that is bullying/harassment.

  11. hi barry firstly im in vic near ballarat-melb and yes your right mate i did submit a stat dec witnessed at local police station see my employer scamed me he had me register a buisness and abn saying i was subcontract i just presumed i was i didnt know any better so i did i was in the middle of trying to organize public liability and insurance when i had a acident a work slipping on a wet wood stack landing smashing a foot block of wood into my lower back and injuering my hand so i reported him to worksafe so he did not keep any records i did i kept a spead sheet with dates times and hours travelled and work and he paid me cash cheque as he kept having problem with internet banking so my bank statments dose not match up nor can i lodge a tax return as he cant and wont give me a group cert he has not given me a seperation cert as im still employed with him he has not fierd me i just never showed up to work and reported him. Thanks for the advice on the ime i will do that and get mum to aswell i am also a proud man so i have been firm to a point that i should not have to go to centerlink as i have a job and thats unreasonable for allianz to expect me to yea they all told me to go there but that means more appointment and then commitments when i cant even keep up with appointments now i live out of town so it cost me 20 dollors to go to the docs let alone laywers mri’s been paying for my scripts and they will only reimburse me if and when they feel like and even then in little bits now i said how can they expect a person to do all this and then carry out all nessacery task required like attending ime appointments in melb when i cant even afford to and even so if i do they arent reimbursing me quick enough it is enconomicly not viable for me to continue indone the whole sent back to them to complain thing now there has been blaitant errors in the papper work on their side like they tried to tell me they recived my claim from my employer when they didnt it was submitted direct to worksafe by me then they lodged on my behalf and then info relating to my paiwe but it nots correct i already made request for one specific conversation regarding giving false and or missleading information and it would prove it they denied it was ever said and conversation never recorded see my agrument is that they were well for warned about my employer and his attitudes and the problems they could expect from him so dont workcover have a duty of care towards the injured worker if the employer reacts this way to ensure my health and well being and my reabilation and return to work be the main priority and that i dont suffer? now i do relise that they need to verify my wage but they will not be able to as he is uncompliant with any of his obligations even the ombudsom said that it is my employers responability not mine i have reasonably submitted all documentation and attended all appointments untill now because im in sever hardship now i beleive its because they know im a well known gold prospector where i live and i use to do quite well have a nice house so they figure oh byour right now i was saving to buy a hosue so this and my gold money has been what ive been living of but this has now run dry as you can only streatch things so far and then now out of all this no one has cared that ive been injured and am in some sever pain constant numbing in the right leg ive had a bit of bone sticking out of my hand since late june this year at first everyone doc insurer all tried to tell me the hand injury was not there that i made it up in my head but only when jumping up and down verbaly they all of a sudden miraculously the hand was just accepted but it has not been medicaly treated and the bit of bone has relocated itself four times in the last to months rolling around in my sleep ect,
    its constantly cramping and pain so this last week it came to a head i kept my cool dealing with a senior complaint investigator and just said fine everyone has been shocked and disgusted at what i have experianced the laywer the ombudsom the case investigator are all agreeing with me but not wants to do anything so stuff it get it in front of a judge they will laugh at it my boss and allianz i expect? oh what a nightmare thanks though barry for at least making some very usefull sugestions kind regards anonomous.
    p.s i think you can understand the reason for me remaining anonomous as this is a really nasty situation

    • @ Anonymous, yes it is a difficult situation. Unfortunately asking for help on websites also opens you up to not really being anonymous bc the VWA and Allianz read these sites, so be very careful what you disclose. I’m a bit rusty but the Agent has 30 days to accept the Claim otherwise it is deemed to be rejectioned and you have the right to file for Conciliation (i’m sure someone will chime in if that’s not correct). Make sure ALL DETAILS ON YOUR CLAIM FORM ARE CORRECT, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. No matter what the employer submits or not. You will be haunted for the rest of your life by every single answer to every question on that Claim Form. If the answers don’t fit then make sure you supply supplementary informations and KEEP COPIES. Keep copies of EVERYTHING. Get copies of everything under FOI, not via the Accident Compensation Act bc the Privacy Commissioner has more power thru FOI than there is thru the VWA system. It sucks buddy but this sytem is not there to protect and provide, it’s a cash cow for the Governement and their little gatekeepers and colluders. Everyone seems to get a pretty penny except for the injured worker who can and often do lose everything. Do u have any Super Policies that might have “loss of income” protection? Swallow your pride and get some Centrelink payments for now, they’ll give u a health care card & with Medicare etc it will all help to keep you afloat in the interim bc WorkCover can and probably will drag this out for ages. By then u can lose everything, many have.

      • P.S. some of us are getting together to look to get some reform happening for the WorkCover System. The site and Forum are still being contructed but keep an eye on the link and keep us in mind for the future. We’re trialing a “Research Forum” where members can discuss specific scenario’s within the system without the concern of private detective or the Insurers using information against injured workers. The sirte is There are heaps of resources here and many people to give you help and advice so you’re in good hands. Hopefully one day injured workers won’t have to fight corruption and collusion on top of their injuries and losses both financial and emotional. Good luck buddy, u’ve got friends 🙂

read-before-u-commentThis is a statement pointing you to our seriously injured but esteemed and honourable Social Networking Sites Warning and our comment policy. A must read in the context of a very adversarial workcover system! Remember to mention in which state you reside if you seek advice.

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