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Allianz whistle blower spills the beans

arronOh my, we are truly privileged to have received an anonymous bean spilling by a former Allianz TMF (NSW) employee! It is alleged that Allianz TMF uses some extremely unethical tactics to mismanage workcover claims, but also to ‘manage’ their own staff! From bonus payouts to the teams who achieve the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures (=rejections), to skewed ‘stats’, to… demanding sexual explicit deeds!

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Allianz involved in unconscionable sell of insurance policies

Insurance giant Allianz Australia has been caught up in the collapse of payday lender The Cash Store, agreeing voluntarily to refund $400,016 in insurance premiums to consumers after the payday lender was found to have acted unconscionably in selling Allianz insurance products. Needless to say that Arrrrghlianz “doesn’t think that the case was presented in the clearest light”.
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workers-comp-corrupt hiding-evidence2

Workcover insurers withhold, tamper with and falsify medical evidence

We’ve heard it over and over again from countless injured workers: workcover insurance companies are dishonest in the name of profit, period. One such a tactic is to withhold video evidence of an injured worker – because it supports the level of impairment reported!

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WorkSafe Vic pays lawyers million of dollars in confidential bonuses to minimise payouts!

Oh My God, Victoria’s work safety authority (WorkSafe Vic) is paying lawyers millions of dollars in confidential bonuses to minimise payouts in compensation cases brought by alleged victims of workplace accidents! How utterly disgusting!

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Injured worker fraud least costly of all workers compensation fraud

Returning to the oh-so-irritable topic of injured workers (employees) fraud, fact is that many “media” websites and news papers, magazines  (i.e Tabloids), and even WorkCover Authorities and their insurer Agents website’s and at time even politician’s “media releases” always seem to portray, fuss about, exaggerate or even rank injured worker fraud as the top costliest, vilest and most rampant fraud in workers’ compensation system.

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A permanent committee looking at senior ministers in the O Farrell government, this could be a start

I just read the story titled “O’Farrell in shooters’ sights for putting them on a leash ”  in the Sydney Morning Herald and it could have implications for disgraced Greg Pearce in NSW. It is strictly political and not directly related to Workers Compensation. However, I just thought you might be interested in what is coming – a permanent committee looking at senior ministers in the O Farrell government, this could be a start!

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QBE workcover Case Manager jailed for processing K165 fraudulent claims

We don’t hear or see it often, but it surely happens more than you think – here is another , well hidden case of a recent workcover case manager, who worked for QBE in NSW, who was jailed for processing fraudulent claims in the sum of $164,466.07. Shame on you!

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NSW WIRO Executive Kim Garling racked up $15k on US trip

SACKED Finance Minister Greg Pearce’s hand-picked $300,000 a year WorkCover Review (WIRO) executive Kim Garling racked up a $15,000 taxpayer-funded bill on a trip to the US within months of taking the job – and has just two serious complaints to consider at present.

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New firefighters compensation Panel a cynical bid to kill off laws

Further to our article titled “New Panel to consider compensation for firefighters” whereby the Victorian State Government has recently announced that a “specialist panel” will be created to consider claims for compensation from firefighters who have contracted cancer as a result of their employment, it has come to our attention that this “Panel” has been described as a cynical bid to kill off laws acknowledging the link between firefighting and cancer.

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