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Workcover Surveillance adds humiliation & paranoia to work injury

Surveillance is still an accepted tactic in the workcover world, especially in longer-term and more complex cases, including in cases of mental injury/illness.  Workcover insurers still try to convince the public that surveillance controls fraud. But for genuinely injured workers, surveillance tactics can cut off rightful benefits and, worse, also cause humiliation and paranoia to the injured worker’s pain, disability, and lost income and joy of life.

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Followed by a workcover private investigator?

Talking about snooping and surveillance, many injured workers have asked us what to do if they believe they are being followed by a  workcover Private Investigator. There are a variety of actions an injured worker will or can take if they find out they are being followed, bearing in mind that PIs do not have  police powers and that their snooping must be done with the same authority as a private citizen. PIs must have a good understanding of federal, state laws, such as privacy laws, and other legal issues affecting their work. Otherwise, evidence they collect may not be useable in court.

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