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What to do when workcover medical treatment & surgery is denied

If you have a WorkCover claim, and the WorkCover insurer has made a decision that you don’t agree with, it is important that you know that you are allowed to challenge this decision. This can include denial of medical and like treatment, even denial of requested surgery. In this article you will find some useful resources to help speed up the decision-making process, as well as dispute and complaints avenues.

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Yes you can switch to another workcover lawyer

We recently were appalled to hear from a couple of injured workers that they were being charged exorbitant fees for simple matters such as applying for TPD (Total Permanent Disability). Some paid up to $14.000!!!! Being ripped off would be an understatement indeed! Most personal injury lawyers charge a FLAT one off FEE to file your TPD claim! So you may be better off changing lawyers!

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Personal injury lawyers aren’t offering much legal input

I recently had the pleasure to make contact with the personal injury lawyer who recently commented on our site under the nickname Paragon (formerly ****88). One of the issues I raised was (and is) that workers comp lawyers aren’t offering much legal input on this forum /blog in response to the plight of injured workers. Paragon explains the reason(s) behind it, and perhaps more importantly has generously offered to contribute to our site as a volunteer, and  help offer solutions to those injured workers who need help at the most desperate moments.

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Return to work plans & Dispute resolution

We have blogged about return to work plans numerous times, but a general summary may be of use. The essence of this post is that return to work plans that are staged and developed together with the injured worker give injured workers a greater chance to return to work, quickly and safely and in a durable manner. This article also covers the VIC return to work dispute process (dedicated to ‘Porsche47’).

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New WorkSafe Vic certificate of capacity mandatory 1 March

Just a reminder that WorkSafe Victoria ( Victorian WorkCover Authority) has stated that as of 1 March 2015, the new certificate of capacity will be mandatory if injured workers are to receive their weekly payments when off work.

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Independent medical examiners Victoria complaint process

According to WorkSafe Victoria (now called the Victorian WorkCover Authority) they take all independent medical examiner (IME) complaints seriously. They claim to review and respond to each complaint received from an injured worker. Outlined in this post is the complaints handling process for IMEs, as well as the IME Service Standards and their “Declaration”…

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