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Workcover makes you feel like a leper

Our workcover system is a true nightmare. Literally. Because the system and those who work within it trigger feelings of confusion, senselessness, helplessness and even alienation. It causes nothing short of a feeling of anxiety, sometimes shame or guilt and a feeling of unending difficulty hampering every step. Feelings that cannot be placated. It’s eerily a feeling like…“And why am I under arrest?” “That’s something we’re not allowed to tell you,” would be the bureaucratic answer. “Go to your room and wait there. Proceedings are underway and you’ll learn about everything all in good time…”

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What’s wrong with workcover – Money, Power & Politics

Ever thought about what is wrong with our workcover schemes? It basically comes down to three words: Money, Power & Politics. Why do they even call it work-cover or workers COMPENSATION? It’s definitely not about injured or ill workers, it’s about work-over insurance companies and their financial bottom lines, and the last thing it does is adequately COMPENSATE injured workers for their work injuries/illnesses which in many cases are due to the negligent actions and behavior of their employers.

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Season for change in Victoria workcover system

Good morning all!

Here at Diary of a Workcover Victim we are constantly looking for opportunities to bring change about to a broken workers compensation system.  Unfortunately this is made difficult by the fact that each State and Territory administers their own laws relating to Workcover.  We therefore have to take opportunities as they come up on a State by State basis and hope we can slowly change the National conversation.

In Victoria at the moment we are preparing for a Royal Commission into Mental Health and we are viewing this as a golden opportunity to get Workcover into the conversation.  The Commissioners have been asked to review the Mental Health system and offer recommendations on how it can be improved/fixed.

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Screenshot_2019-05-19 Soula's Chronic Pelvic Pain Story

ABC investigative journalist needs to hear from injured workers

Soula’s Chronic Pelvic Pain Story just shared that an ABC investigative journalist, Pat McGrath is looking into the experiences of people who have been through the workers’ compensation system – and those who are still going through it.

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AU Bureau of Statistics-only 27% of injured workers on workcover

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a report on work injuries from July 2017 to June 2018 whic h shows that th number of of injured workers receiving financial assistance and workers compensation has  dramatically decreased.

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weekly-payments-workcover workcover-laws-pack-of-lies

The bastard laws of workcover

Our workcover system is not about care, compassion, truth, justice, fairness, equity or even honesty! It’s about money and power; about workcover insurance companies who will stoop to the lowest of levels to minimise their liabilities in every workcover case. In their eyes, injured workers are oxygen money thieves that suck in their mighty dollar profits!

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Workcover compensation and Centrelink

We often receive emails and inquiries from injured workers about the unfortunate, but real fact, that after their long fight with workcover resulting in some monetary compensation, a (large) part of that compensation is simply taken away by Centrelink, leaving the injured worker with little compensation for their work injury, pain and suffering and economic loss…

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ICA-workers-comp-overhaul workcover-disease

Workcover is a disease – injured workers are dying from it

‘With all the obvious and sometimes deadly symptoms, there has to be some kind of disease [within workcover]’ said an injured worker recently. Everyday we hear from injured workers and at times dread reading their stories. Sometimes we receive 10 emails from badly treated injured workers  a day. in the same or more serious situations. Did I say 10? Sometimes it’s 20. And the sheer number of badly treated injured workers means not only is that there something clearly wrong with the workcover system, but that it is systemic.

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