Workcover Victims

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Workcover Victims are the authors, co-authors, editors, transcribers, researchers, helpers and visible and invisible supporters (incl. (seriously) injured workers and able family members and friends) behind A Diary of a WorkCover Victim.

Our very popular site runs on the power of mainly seriously injured workers and their supporters. We are also very fortunate to receive much needed support from many injured workers all over Australia, through contributions to articles, email commentaries, twitter, Facebook, shared stories, research, articles, sourced documents, links and much more… for which we are all eternally grateful!


Diary of a Workcover Victim’s mascot is – of course – no other but the Johnny Rotten!  He makes sure we stay sane by telling us to chuck it all in the F*ck-it Bucket and move on… Even in our darkest moments, Johnny will think of something that will crack you up 🙂


Harryrort is Diary of a Workcover Victim’s Captain – with 6 medals and 8 stars he reigns over all things social, including the forum(s).

Workcovervictims include:

  • Atlas Legal: for golden legal tips and insights and support in times needed
  • Bunny:  for her amazing and relentless support on and off line
  • John M: for his many (past) insightful articles and unprecedented support
  • Rescape: for his/her valuable article contributions
  • Survivor: for his/her valuable article contributions
  • Trinny: for her extremely tireless and valuable research
  • Workcovervictim3: for just about 24/7 (virtual) support and articles

We hope this site, our and many other injured workers’ stories will somehow help other injured workers navigating the murky waters of the workcover system, and, at the very least, teach you to be extremely diligent in finding out your legitimate rights, always questioning the “system” in order to keep some sort of control within the workcover system.

The workers compensation is – in our opinion- extremely adversarial and they use tactics to wear you down, to make you emotionally bleed out, to break you, all in order to weaken your position and to maximise their insane profits.