Founder | Diary of a Workcover Victim

I was assaulted by a  patient whilst working as a specialist intensive care nurse in a large hospital. I underwent numerous major right (dominant) shoulder reconstructions and suffered near fatal complications, including severe heart failure during surgery.

In 2013 a total shoulder reverse prosthetic was inserted, which soon became chronically infected, causing severe pain and very limited function.

I am left with  painful and irreparable dominant arm and I sure am pretty traumatised, not only by my physical injuries but also by the way I have been treated by my (now former) employer, as well as the workcover insurance companies.

This site was born (in 2011) out of my sheer frustration, anger and grief regarding the workcover system where all is not made clear, where the waters are very murky, and when the chips are down, the very people who are responsible for duty of care and support simply choose to ignore you, the injured worker.

I dedicate this site to all injured workers who have been abused by the adversarial workcover compensation system. May they never give up, may they fight like warriors for their legitimate rights, and -most importantly- may they hold onto their dignity, self-respect, self-esteem and sanity; and may they WIN!