Workcover drives injured workers in spiraling depression – story


The following story, shared by “L”describes the all too familiar feeling that, once on the workcover system, many of us become a prisoner of our own body and are being driven to what “L” can only describe as a “spiraling emotional unhealthiness and depression….”

Workcover drives injured workers in spiraling depression


hi all,


Not even sure if anyone will read this but need to get it out there.

I suffered an injury to my [upper limb] last year and have undergone two surgeries since. The first one was a failure ( IMO) and sought a second opinion as I was still in pain and had very limited movement ( Maybe 20%) at best. It is now 3 months after my second surgery and still have very limited results ( extra 10% on a good day if the wind is
blowing right, I have to use humour to get me through this).

I have been going to physio twice a week for the past year and [x] months excluding a bit of down time just after operations.

I feel like I am in my own private hell.

I had to move back from interstate as my work place had no suitable duties for me although I knew there was but even when and if I was to get better they had let it slip they had no job for me.

My dreams and aspirations have been put on hold and everything I have worked so hard for is gone.

I’m lucky that I have a very understanding [spouse] though at times I think s/he would be better of without me at this stage.

I have always been so very active but this injury has stripped me of all things “fun”.

I’m now being pushed by these work place rehab people to engage me in some kind of employment. Now I’m happy with that but what they don’t seem to understand is the restrictions I have. Apparently the world is full
of rainbows and skittles and I’m going to be fine. I work in or used to work in [the filed of labour such as construction / mining industry] and not once have I been for a job that hasn’t required a medical. I’m lucky enough to know quite a lot
of people that are health and safety advisors, and have asked them for some guidance in what I would be suitable for. All have the same answer, find a new career. I’m a liability and no one in there right mind would hire me.

I have tried to engage further training through my insurance to assist in profitable employment but with no help from them. I’m at a loss.

In speaking with my surgeon he has given me the prognosis of long term/ permanent disability although I’m not happy with that, the reality of it has hit hard.

I have become a prisoner of my own body and am being driven to what I can only describe as a spiraling emotional unhealthiness and depression.

I don’t really have any complaints towards my work cover insurance (state 1) as they have been helpful in some ways, my biggest gripe is that I’m currently living back in [Qld] and boy do they suck down here.

In the past 3 months I have had the workplace rehab call me almost twice a week every week without fail pushing and crapping on about how good they are and how the above mention rainbows and skittles are your future. They push you to a point of disparity.

I will not give up the fight but I’m struggling to keep the fight in me at times.

I sympathise with all the others out there as I know I’m a bit better off then some.