Xchanging case manager rudest email ever

Today an injured worker (who is protecting his/her identity ) received the most shocking, rudest, vilest email ever from his/her workcover case manager! Enough to make anyone sick, really….

S/he received an overdue account notice in the mail for a heart test s/he had done in hospital on the day of his/her last surgery in early December, with a “nasty little reminder letter” attached to it, as well as another cardiac service account. So s/he scanned and sent them off to the “return to work coordinator”, basically the guy who deals with her/his paper work at his/her former workplace . The injured person  liaises with the RTW coordinator on a regular basis (and has been doing so for at least one year, and sends him for example my certificates of capacity, accounts and questions via email. I started doing this ever since his/her nasty case manager blocked his/her email!

Here is the email s/he sent to the return to work coordinator

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Pretty harmless, or? Well s/he did ask him to tell my case manager that she needs to let him/her know within 7 days whether she has paid the accounts (one of which is overdue) or else s/he would involve WorkSafe and possibly his/her lawyers.

Why did s/he write this? Simple, because his/her nasty case manager has a long history of not paying accounts,to the point where s/he had had debt collectors knock on their door! Chances are real that the case manager will again ignore this overdue account.

It is worth noting that the injured worker did fax the overdue account in December 2011 and that their case manager, to date, did not settle the account.

Xchanging case manager rudest email ever

Within an hour or so, the injured worker received an email from said case manager. The sickest email ever. I think it was supposed to go to the return to work coordinator but came to them by mistake. Check it out:

Said case manager writes:

We don’t want to feed her behaviour again…..

Once again she is becoming demanding with her emails and I will not be responding….


Consider this: injured woker’s last correspondence with Xchanging case manager

This is the injured worker’s writing style…. very demanding as you can see, they even wish the bitch a merry Christmas and sign off with Kind Regards.

What the f*ck has the injured worker done wrong now to deserve to be insulted like this behind their back? How lovely to receive these kind of (supportive) emails when you are in terrible pain, feeling unwell (heart failure), stressed and already pretty depressed.

The injured worker tells me they have sent a copy of this email to Xchanging Management, Xchanging Customer Service, their lawyers, and treating psychologist and psychiatrist. They will write a complaint letter to WorkSafe as well.

What do you think of this kind of behaviour from your case manager?