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Petition to Parliament-Investigate WorkCover

A Petition was recently submitted by an injured worker and advocate for change to the Australian Parliament, requesting the House investigates the practices of the workcover system, and also consolidate the legislation. Please sign this important Petition, the more signatures the better chance injured workers have to be heard and to invoke change!

First posted on 13 Sept 2019

Petition to Parliament Investigate Workcover System – please sign

Closes 9 October 2019

Petition Reason

The Workers Compensation System is a markedly different process in each State. However, there are significant similarities in as much as Injured Workers are placed at an impossible disadvantage and subjected to cruel and unreasonable treatment during the claim process whereby they are deprived of income, subjected to surveillance, Independent Medical Examiner shopping and prolonged delays in the processing of claims. All of which is designed to place injured workers in a desperate state financially and mentally ensuring they accept reduced compensation for their injuries in order to increase Insurer’s profits and share prices. Workers often lose everything, home, family, possessions and frequently take their lives.

Petition Request

We, therefore, ask the House to investigate the practices of the system’s stakeholders for the purpose of consolidating Workers Compensation under Federal Law and preventing the Employers, Medical Examiners, Lawyers and Insurers from exploiting Injured Workers, destroying their lives and their families. Ensuring that those responsible for the care and support of Injured Workers are no longer able to manipulate the system and offload their financial responsibilities onto the Federal Government’s Welfare and Health systems and to prevent the managers of the system claiming the level of false claims is far higher than reality in order to justify their brutal treatment of workers in their time of greatest need.

Sign the petition

Please sign, let’s all make an effort to make a difference!
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  • by workcover victim
    Posted October 8, 2019 3:23 pm 0Likes

    I simply admire anyone who makes an effort to invoke a better workcover system! If all injured folks and their supporters would sign, we really could make a difference! Strength and power in numbers!

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