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Workcover can’t force you to attend company doctor

Did you know that when you have suffered an injury or illness at work, you don’t have to be treated by the company’s doctor of choice. You are free to choose your own treating doctor! And you should!

If you are injured at work, you should consult with a trusted GP of your choice. It is also very important that you regularly attend consultations with your chosen doctor and/or specialist. They are, after all, very familiar with the history of your injury and your treatment needs.

Some bosses will try force injured workers to see the company doctor

Some employers may try to force you to see the company doctor. You do not have to attend nor receive treatment from any company doctor. It is your decision who you see for treatment , including who you see for your certificate of incapacity.

Independent medical doctors

WorkCover (e.g. WokSafe Victoria), their agents (e.g. Allianz, Xchanging etc.), and even sometimes your employer (boss) are entitled to have you assessed by independent medical doctors (IME) for reasons such as assessing your capacity to return to work and the management of your WorkCover claim. However, this can only be for assessment, definitely not for treatment and their requests must be reasonable and not too frequent. What is reasonable is difficult to say, however most lawyers agree that you should not have to attend an independent medical examination more than once a year (unless there is a dramatic change in your condition).

Bosses and representatives are not welcome at your medical appointments

There have also been many reported instances where employers have pressured – or tried to pressure- injured workers to allow them to sit in on private and confidential medical appointments. You do not have to allow your employer or any of its representatives such as a return to work coordinator, to attend your appointments with your GP!

If your employer is pressuring you, you should stand your ground, say politely but firmly “no”, and if need be, seek assistance from your Union or your lawyer!

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